Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi Is Heart Broken

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th May 2023 Written Episode

While preparing cake for Arjun’s birthday, Nayantara asks Kashvi if she loves Arjun. Kashni says yes, then nervously says she means no. Nayantara says she can love for Arjun in her eyes and even Arjun told her that he wants to make her as his MIL. Kashvi nervously asks if he said so. Nayan asks her to accept it as she has seen them together since their childhood. Kashvi finally accepts that she loves Arjun. Nayan says she is happy for both of them. Kashvi happily hugs her and says she has so liberal thinking.

Samrat calls Pradyuman and asks him to replace his car’s tyre with a cycle tyre. Pradyuman says its impossible and there won’t be any balance. Samrat says similarly there won’t be any balance in life if he marries Mahima who doesn’t have any morales and is arrogant and reveals how Mahima had come there and claimed to be Pradyuman’s girlfriend. Pradyuman says he will remember his advice.

Romila and her family returns home. She notices shop papers and excitedly reads it, stands shocked seeing Kashvi’s name instead of her or her husband’s name. Husband says he is elder of the family and logically shop should be in her name. Romila says Nayan and her children are too clever and provokes him to do something. Husband calls someone and asks him to execute his said plan.

Nayan finishes preparing cake. Kashvi says its more tastier than last time. She gets a call that her shop caught fire. She panics and rushes to shop with family. Arjun joins them and they all try to set off fire. Nayan panics thinking Mahima is in the shop.
Romila and her husband and she recalls how she sent Mahima out of the shop in lieu of bringing paneer and sent goons to pour kerosene and set fire to claim insurance money as the policy in her husband’s name. Mahima returns and realizing that she left her mobile inside the shop runs in. Nayan and Kashvi panic. Arjun runs behind Mahima to save her. Mahima gets trapped in fire. Arjun saves her and brings unconscious Mahima out. He expresses his love for her and says he will die without her.

Kashvi notices red mobile which Arjun had got as birthday gift and his words and stands shattered realizing Arjun loves Mahima. Nitya comes there with police team. Romila cries its a short circuit or gas leak. Policeman finds kerosene can and shows it to Nitya. Nitya says its not an accident but a well-planned crime. Romila gets tensed.

Precap: Nitya tells Nayan that she can’t claim insurance for loss as its a well-planned conspiracy. She arrests Samrat for setting fire to Nayan’s shop.

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