Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra And Roohi’s Emotional Bonding

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2022 Written Episode

Yuvraj rushes to Preesha/Priya and acts as shocked seeing her accident. He seeks mob’s help and rushes her to hospital. Saachi notices Priya injured and rushes to inform Roohi about her mother’s accident. Bunty stops car at a secluded place and walks out asking Rudra to speak to Roohi and call him back when he is done. roohi walks out car and acts angry. Rudra says he knows why she is angry. She asks why. He says because he wrote a letter instead of meeting her before leaving. She says she doesn’t need his sorry as she like a true bestfriend helped him so much, but he was leaving her uninformed. He hugs her emotionally and asks her to tell what he should do but never get angry on him. She says she is not angry but sad because of him; she cried when she didn’t find him in store room and found his letter instead. He says he returned to her to hug her. She hugs her. Their emotional bonding continues. Bunty thinks Rudra is going far away from Roohi and will never find out that Roohi is his daughter.

Yuraj takes Preesha to hospital where doctor treats her and says soon she will be conscious. Yuvraj pampers Preesha and thinks he is too cruel to harm Preesha, then thinks so what, he cannot let Rudra and Preesha meet at any cost. Bunty returns to Rudra and says if he met Roohi, let us go. Roohi requests Rudra to stay back as she needs him. Rudra says even he remembers her a lot and will visit her often. She asks him to promise her. He says yes and asks her to smile and say good boy She says best boy and hugs him again. Rudra then asks Bunty that they will drop Roohi home first. Bunty gets nervous thinking what if Rudra finds Preesha there.

They reach home where Saachi meets Roohi and informs her that her mamma met with an accident. Roohi gets tensed hearing that. Rudra asks Bunty to take them to hospital. They reach hospital. Bunty asks him not to go in front of Roohi’s mother or else she will question him. Rudra asks how will they drop Roohi then. Bunty says he will drop Roohi and takes her in. Rudra prays god to protect Roohi’s mother. Preesha regains consciousness. Beena maasi goes to call her. Yuvraj asks Preesha to rest and then curse him later. Nurse walks in and tells Preesha that she is fine now as her husband brought her on time. Preesha says he is not her husband. Yuvjraj says he is her friend. Nurse says he brought her in and was worried, so she thought he is her husband. Yuvraj thinks nurse spoke his mind out. He then gets nervous seeing Bunty with Roohi and escapes from there.

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Preesha asks Beena maasi about Roohi. Roohi with Sachi walks in and asks if she is fine. Preesha asks where was she. Roohi says she was with someone. Preesha asks who brought her here. Bunty walks in. Preesha sends children to canteen with maasi and asks Bunty what is he doing here, didn’t he take Rudra back to Delhi. He says they were about to when they heard about her accident and came here. She asks where is Rudra. Bunty says he is outside and insisted to meet Roohi’s mother. She asks him to take Rudra from there soon. Bunty leaves. Preesha asks God why is he doing it to her. Yuvraj gets tensed seeing Rudra and thinks if he meets Preesha, he will be in trouble. He clicks Rudra’s pic and sends it to mukhiya to come and catch him. He hopes if mukhiya kills Rudra, he can get Roohi.

Precap: Mukhiya with his goons reaches hospital to catch Rudra. Rudra hides in Preesha’s room. Vyjayanti informs Sharda that Bunty and Rudra are in Rothak and she is sure its regarding Preesha. Rudra hides under bed seeing Preesha walking in.

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