Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Overhears Mohit and Nayantara’s Conversation

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2023 Written Episode

Mohit meets Samrat. Samrat asks what is he doing here after breaking Aliya’s heart and ruining his life. Mohit says he came to inform that they can’t work together again. Sam says Mohit was his employee. Mohit says he thought they were friends. Sam says he was but not now. Mohit says he is doing wrong. Sam says he will never forgive him for what he did. Nayan walks in. Sam holds her intimately. Nayan tries to resist. Mohit leaves. Sam thinks he wanted Mohit to feel jealous and walk away. He forces Nayan to attend a business meeting with him and orders her to loosen his shoe laces, leaving his investors in shock. Nayan loosens his shoe lace and tries to leave. He orders her to bring coffee for him. She shows him coffee. He throws coffee and orders her to prepare a fresh coffee for him, threatens to reveal truth to her mother. Nayan thinks let her serve him to not let him know that they are all escaping tonight from his house.

Samrat then asks her to massage his back and walks away when he gets a call. An investor tries to misbehave with Nayan. Nayan pushes her away. He tries to force himself on her. Samrat returns and trashes investor for misbehaving with his wife. Investor says he thought he doesn’t care for his wife. Samrat continues to slap investor. Other investors stop him and walk away. Nayan asks Samrat why did he save her. He says he is posessive about bout his stuff. Nayan thinks she has to tolerate him till tonight. At night, Nayan wakes up her family and tries to leave silently. Chintu drops vase by mistake. Samrat busy enjoying alcohol hears found and walks out of his room to check. Nayan and family hide. They get out of house. Mohit and Ishani waiting for them get them into cab and reach airport.

They reach airport. Mohit asks them to wait while gbets his and Ishani’s check-in. Officer says his passport is torn, so they can’t allow him to fly. Nayan asks if his check-in didn’t happen. Mohit says someone tore his passport. Nayan thinks if Sam spoilt his passport. Sam enters and says his wife is right, he is the one who ruined Mohit’s plan of leaving India. He reveals that he heard Mohit and Nayan’s conversation and took a hotel staff’s help to spoil passport. He recalls whole incident. Ishani confronts him and says she thought Sam is a good man, but he is an evil. Sam says he is also same as she supported Nayan and Mohit’s evil acts, he will not let Mohit get his love if Aliya doensn’t get her love; he will not let Nayan leave India forever as she is his wife now.

Precap: Nayan asks Mohit tell Samrat that he is ready to marry Aliya. Mohit does same. Sam fixes court wedding and reaches court with his family. Nayan in lieu of going to washroom escapes.

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