Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Accuses Samrat of Killing Ishani And Mohit

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2023 Written Episode

Malati tells Nayantara that Samrat knew about Ishani and Mohit’s location as she was tapping her phone. Nayan asks how does she know. Malati says inspector told her that someone was tapping Ishani’s phone. She cries that monster Samrat snatched her daughter from her and a sister from Nayan. Nayan believes her. She walks to Samrat’s room and throws a bucket full of water on him. Samrat wakes up and asks why did she throw water on him. She drags him to Malati and says he is responsible for her tears. Sam asks what did he do. Revati and Aaliya walk in next and asks why is she creating nuisance here. Nayan shouts that Samrat killed her sister. Samrat asks if she is in her senses. Nayan shouts that he knew Ishani and Mohit are in Shimla and got them killed.

Revati warns her to stop accusing her son as he saves lives and can’t take anyone’s life. Seema is shocked and asks Nayan if she is telling truth. Nayan says Mohit and Ishani are dead in a car accident. Seema breaks down. Aliya asks Nayan what is the proof that Sam killed them. Nayan says she doesn’t have any proof and if she had proof, she would have killed Sam. Sam refuses her allegations. Nayan says he tapped Ishani’s phone. She continues to shout at Sam, challenges to take revenge, and leaves with Malati.

Sam panics with Nayan’s allegations and tries to stop her. Revati stops him. Sam says he can never kill anyone and never knew Mohit and IShani were in Shimla. Revati says they should focus on Seema. Sam tells Seema that Mohit was like his brother and he can never kill Mohit. Revati thinks she narrowly escaped, Nayan would have almost found out that she got them killed. At night, Nsayan entes Aliya’s room and points knife at her neck. Aaliya asks what is she doing, she didn’t kill her sister. Nayan warns her not to shout and says she will kill her and tak revenge from her brother for killing her sister. She stabs Aaliya and kills her.

Next morning, Revati comforts Seema and serves her breakfast. Sam walks to them. Revati asks why ye looks distressed as if he never slept whole night. Servant rushes to them and takes them to Aaliya’s room. Sam and Revati panic seeing blood all over the the room with Aaliya missing. Revati cries for Aaliya. Sam asks servants to search for Aaliya in whole house. Servants return and inform that they couldn’t find Aaliya anywhere. Sam asks where did Aaliya go then, who must have done this. Revati says she is sure its Nayan who is taking her sister’s revenge from them. They hear Nayan calling Sam and walk down to find out Nayan holding a blood-stained knife and Aaliya’s blood-stained top. Revati asks where is her daughter. Nayan says she can’t see Aaliya again in life and admits to kill Aaliya. She says she took revenge from him for killing Ishani. Sam says if he had killed her sister, then who is this. He calls Mohit and Ishani.

Precap: Mohit informs Sam that Revati was trying to killing them as he saw Revati’s aide driving truck. Sam confronts Revati.

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