Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Misses Rudra

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2021 Written Episode

Sania takes unconscious Rudra to a hotel room and thinks he can sleep peacefully as Delhi is far away and he cannot reach it soon. Arman calls her and asks where is Rudra. She sends him a selfie and says Rudra is sound asleep and will not reach Delhi soon, so he can enjoy his wedding with Preesha. Arman thinks nobody can stop him from marrying Preesha now. On the other side, Ahana’s lawyer informs her that she is legally owner of all Khurana properties and hands over documents to her. Ahana gives him money bag and he leaves thanking her. Ahana and her rejoice with their success. Krishna walks to them and says she wants to attend Prishma’s sangeet. Ahana gets angry and orders her not to call Preesha as maa and asks how does she know about Preesha’s sangeet. Krishna says anvi invite her. Ahana calls nanny to take Krishna in and prepones her London ticket for tomorrow. Mishka says Preesha is busy in marriage and Sania with Rudra is out of town, this is the best time to escape from India, nobody will find out how they took over Khurana properties.

During Preesha and Arman’s sangeet ceremony, Anvi announces their performance on her selected song and plays music. They both dance on Main Tera Banjaoonga.. song. Preesha imagines Rudra dancing with her and dances happily with him and says I love you. When everyone clap after performance, she gets conscious and realizes its Arman. Arman happy asks if she said I love you. She says of course as they are friends forever. Anvi drags everyone on stage. GPS notices Preesha’s pain and walks to Rudra’s house calling him. Sharda asks if everything is fine. GPS asks her to call Rudra as its Preesha’s marriage tomorrow and he wants to know what he is doing. She says he is not at home. He calls. Rudra searches his phone semiconsciously and drops lamp shade on table. Sania wakes up and feeds him hypnotic powder again and switches off his mobile. GPS says phone was ringing and now its switched off. Sharda says she doesn’t know what is this boy doing. They both get worried.

Preesha cries imagining time spent with Rudra. A romantic song plays in the background. Vasu brings breakfast for her and seeing her sad asks not to think about Rudra and move on in life. Preesha says she wanted to meet Rudra once before her marriage. Vasu asks if she wants her mother to be insulted by Rudra, she can come along. Preesha stops. Beauticians walk in. Vasu asks them to get Preesha ready soon and leaves. Preesha thinks Rudra didn’t even come to stop the wedding, if it doesn’t matters to him at all, where is he. Rudra wakes up and panics thinking he needs to return to Delhi to stop Preesha and Arman’s marriage. Sania rushes to him and asks why did he wake up. He shouts that she tricked him and stopped him here. She asks why would she, its Ahana. He strangulates her and continues shouting. She accepts that she used Ahana’s name to stop him from reaching Delhi, by now Arman and Preesha’s wedding must have started, he strangulates her showing his masculinity, now he should show his masculinity by stopping the wedding. He locks her in the room and leaves.

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Preesha gets ready as a bride. Chachaji walks in and happily offers her Arman’s mother’s necklace. Preesha says there is no need for that. Vasu says its needed. Chachaji says he is very happy that she agreed to marry Arman and leaves to take care of wedding arrangements. Vasu says this necklace is very pretty and suits Preesha. Ahana pays nanny’s salary and asks her not to come from tomorrow as Krishna won’t be present here. Krishna thinks of visiting Anvi’s house to meet Preesha.

Precap: GPS asks Preesha not to marry Arman if she doesn’t want to. Preesha says he thought Rudra will come and stop the wedding.
Rudra fights guards and enters. Pandit asks Preesha and Arman to stand up for pheras. Rudra asks Preesha why did she do this to him.

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