Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha Forces Rakesh To Accept His Crime

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th May 2022 Written Episode

Preesha calls Nalini inside path lab. Rakesh is shocked to see Nalini alive and recalls seeing Nalini with Preesha and ordering his servant Budhia to kill Nalini. He further recalls watching news about Nalini’s death and asks Nalini how is she alive. Preesha says she planned it to expose him and says she is sure he is behind Dev’s murder. He denies and asks why would he kill his own son. Preesha says there were fingerprints on Dev’s neck and after the forensic report is out, they will know if Rakesh or Nalini killed Dev. She shows blazer button found in Dev’s hand. Nalini says Rakesh killed Dev. Rakesh warns her to shut up. Nalini says she supported him and he tried to kill her, so she will reveal the truth now.

She recalls Dev noticing her and Rakesh together when their affair started 2 months ago. Dev is shocked to see them outside restaurant. He calls Rakesh and asks where is he. Rakesh says he is busy in a same meeting he came for and asks if he needs anything from Mumbai. Dev asks him to finish his meeting peacefully and disconnects call. He thinks he fools his father usually, but now his father is lying to everyone. Rakesh returns home next morning. Dev shows him his and Nalini’s cozy pics outside restaurant. Rakesh gets tensed. Dev threatens to inform Revati about his affair and ruin his political career if he doesn’t give him 1 lakh. Rakesh gives him money and asks him to promise not to reveal it to anyone. Dev says he never thought his dad would be an ATM soon.

Out of flashback, Nalini says Dev continued to blackmail Rakesh and when he came to collect money from Rakesh last time, he tried to molest her and when Rakesh saved Nalini and slapped Dev for his heinous act, Dev threatened to reveal his secret to Revati and also ruin his political career. She further continues that Rakesh got afraid and went to meet Dev in a hospital where he pleads him not to reveal his secret as he worked hard for years for his political career. Dev gets adamant and asks if he will murder him. Rakesh then notices Dev leaving hospital and follows him to school. Rakesh further reveals that he couldn’t enter school from the front door as he had lied to Revathi that he is out of state on a business trip, so he went into school via backdoor where he found Dev lying on the ground injured and making use of the situation strangulated Dev to death.

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Preesha asks Rakesh if he really murdered his son and escaped. Rakesh agrees that Dev had made his life hell, so he killed Dev. Preesha says its good that he himself confessed to his crime as the fingerprints on Dev’s neck had vanished. She says she recorded his confession and will get him arrested. Rakesh points gun at her and says he will kill both Preesha and Nalini, he will easily fool Revati like he is since years. He threatens Preesha to give the voice recorder to him. Revati enters and pointing gun at Rakesh takes his gun away. She says Dev got his evil qualities from his father, she survived both her son and husband’s betrayal, she didn’t believe Preesha when she revealed his truth and is disheartened now to see his true face. She arrests him in Dev’s murder case.

Precap: Revati apologizes Rudra and Revati. Rudra asks her not to think much and move on. Ruhi plans for Rdura and Preesha’s marriage again. Revati commits suicide unable to bear Dev’s loss. Rudra gets a news.

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