Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Malati Helps Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th June 2022 Written Episode

Preesha wakes up at night feeling hungry and doesn’t find Rudra in the room. She wonders where he must have gone leaving her alone. She walks to living room and hears a door bell outside. She walks out and is surprised to Rudra and kids with snacks and ice cream stalls. Kids say Rudra won the bet that Preesha will get hungry at midnight, he arranged whole eat street for her. Rudra offers her ice cream and says she can have whatever she ants to. Presha hugs him. Kids act as feeling asleep and walk away. Rudra offers chats to Preesha and asks how is her surprise. Preesha says she was worried that he left her. He says she is her life and he would never leave her; he was angry on her, but Revati, Arman, or anyone cannot deter their love; he knows she is worried for Anvi and similarly he considers Revati as his sister and is worried for her. Preesha enjoys the snacks. Lakhon Mile Koi bhi na tumsa milaa.. song plays in the background.

Six months pass. Preesha and Rudra attend lamaz class where Rudra learns how to take care of the baby. Coach says their training is complete and they need not attend the classes anymore. They thank her. At home, Sharda weaves sweater for the baby. Preesha and Rudra return and feel happy seeing the baby sweater. Sharda informs them that she has organized baby shower ritual for Preesha tonight. Rudra offers to help. Sharda asks him to just take care of Preesha and let she and Malati handle everything. Revati smirks at Preesha.

In the evening, Preesha gets ready for the function and feels sad when her earring falls down and she is unable to pick it up. Rudra cheers her up and gets her ready. Ye Laal Ishq… song plays in the background. Rudra applies kajal behind her ear to ward off nazar/evil eyes from her and baby. They both then walk down. Kids make Preesha sit on a sofa. Sharda performs the ritual. Revati gifts her a jewelry set and says she is very happy as her baby got lots of blessings. She says she hasn’t forgotten anything and soon her Dev will be with her. Preesha feels irritated and prays god to get Revati away from her.

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Malati spreads smoke around Revati and says she is wardig off evil eyes from Preesha and takes her to her room. Preesha asks why did she purposely spread smoke around Revati. Malati says she knows what is happening here and read the contract papers Revati made her sign which states that she will give her baby to Revati after it’s birth. She assures her that will never let Revati near her. Preesha says Revati will take her baby at any cost. Malati suggests her to lie to Revati that her baby was born dead, then Revati will leave without accepting the baby. Preesha emotionally hugs her and thanks her. She thinks god showed her a way to send Revati away from her and her baby’s lives. She tells Malati that once they fool Revati, they will reveal the whole truth to Rudra.

She then feels labor pain. Malati says that’s a good news and says they should inform Rudra. Preesha fears that Revati will find out about the labor and take her baby away. Malati calls Revati from an unknown number to send her out of house.

Precap: Preesha delivers a baby boy and lies to Revati that she delivered a dead baby.

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