Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantar’s Retaliatory Move Against Samrat

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2023 Written Episode

Samrat gets intimate with Nayantara and says she loves her dignity, he will snatch her dignity from her today. He keeps an apple over her and says if she thought getting closer to her is his intention, his intention is something else. He target practices on her and says lets see if his knives will hit the target. She gets tensed thinking he wants to kill her. He continues to throw knives towards her while she closes her eyes in fear. He finally hits an apple and rejoices; asks if she is happy that his target was an apple, but his target is something else. He throws knife again and cuts her dress stress making her dress to fall down. He turns his face around and say this was his target, but he doesn’t want to see her uglyy body. He thinks why he is feeling bad, drinks alcohol and falls asleep on bed. Nayan frees her hand and drapes, drapes a blanket around her, and thinks Sam’s parents taught made him this, she will show what her parents taught her.

Next morning, Samrat wakes up and is shocked to see his hair cut. He shouts who played with his hair. Nayan walks in and laughs on him. Samrat shouts if she did this. Nayan accepts and says he played with her dignity yesterday, so today she destroyed his most loved thing, his hair. She recalls how she cut his hair with scissors when he was asleep. Out of flashback, Nayan clicks his pic and threatens to upload it in social media and expose his rude behavior towards girls, he doesn’t deserve a family and its good he doesn’t have a family of his own, etc. Samrat walks away shouting she will repent.

Malati walks to Revati, who is having breakfast with Aliya, and offers her a silver coin as shagun. Revati arrogantly throws coin away and humiliates her saying her ordinarily looking ugly girl is married to a rich rockstar, so they can’t be equal. Sam walks down and asks Revati not to insult his MIL. Aliya asks why did he change his hairstyle. Sam says a rat cut his hair last night, so he changed it. He asks Malati why she is not having breakfast, if she also believes in a tradition that girl’s family doesn’t have even a water of daaughter’s house, she has to eat though as she is staying here but from her own hard-earned money. He calls servants and says they are on leave from today as Malati will do all household chores instead. Nayan gets angry on him. Malati says its okay as she is habituated to work. Sam says he should explain it to even her daughter.

Malati takes Nayan to her room and asks why Samrat is behaving with her like this. Ishani enters via window and says she will reveal truth. Malati asks where was she since yesterday as Nayan told she is at her friend’s house. Nayan tries to stop her. Ishani reveals whole story happened. Malati panics and asks Nayan why did she risk her life to save Ishani. Nayan says Samrat is a monster and can do anything for his sister, he would have harmed Ishani if he had found out truth; she is with Sam until Mohit and Ishani reach Australia and then we all will escape from Samrat’s house. Ishani says Mohit is going to meet Samrat. Nayan rushes to Mohit and stops him. Mohit says he will inform Samrat that he is leaving his job. Nayan says Samrat will not spare him. Mohit says Samrat thinks he loves Nayan, he has booked his and Ishani’s Australia tickets for tonight and asked his agent to book Chennai tickets for Nayan and family, Sam will harm them.

Precap: Mohit informs Samrat that he is leaving his job. Nayan with her family tries to leave Samrat’s house at night when Chintu drops a vase alerting Samrat. They reach airport and find their tickets canceled, Nayan thinks Samrat must have done this. Samrat walks in and says she is right.

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