Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2022 Written Episode Update: GPS Murdered Armaan?

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2022 Written Episode

Pihu reveals Preesha that she had called GPS on Armaan’s party day as she was feeling sad and hungry alone at home. She calls GPS from Sharda’s phone and informs him that they are in a big problem. GPS concerned asks him what happened. Roohi describes what monster Armaan uncle did to her family and requests him to come there and help them. GPS angrily says he will reach there via flight as soon as possible and teach a lesson to Armaan. Out of flashback, Preesha asks why didn’t GPS meet her if head come to Delhi. Saransh also apologizes. Preesha worries for GPS and asks where he must be now. Inspector says they need to worry as he has already sent a red alert and will arrest GPS soon. Rudra asks why he wants to arrest GPS as GPS is a retired judge and people even now vouch for his honesty. Inspector says right now GPS is under scanner.

Constable informs inspector that GPS’ fingerprints match with the fingprints on murder weapon. Inspector says he will arrest GPS and further investigate. A nurse at a hospital watches news about GPS being a murder suspect and identifies GPS as one of a patient. She informs inspector about GPS. Preesha and Rudra request him to take them along and promise to get GPS arrested if he is a culprit. Inspector says he will support them if GPS is innocent. They all reach hospital and find GPS admitted in a dilapidated state. Rudra and Preesha plead GPS to open his eyes. Inspector asks nurse what happened to GPS. Nurse reveals that he had suffered an accident 3 days ago and someone got him admitted here, he is unconscious since then.

Preesha pleads GPS again to wake up as he is accused of murdering Armaan. Her tears fall on GPS’s hand and he wakes up. Doctor checks and says GPS is out of danger now. Inspector questions GPS why he had gone to Armaan’s house. GPS says he had got Roohi’s call who described how Armaan troubled his children, hence he took a flight for Delhi and reached Khurana house where he noticed guards outside and entered in by climbing a wall. He enters Armaan’s room and finds him already lying on floor with a knife stabbed in his stomach. He panics, asks who did it, and says he will call help. Armaan asks him to remove knife from his stomach. GPS does. Blood stains fall on his shirt and fingerprint imprint on knife. Armaan dies. GPS panics more thinking either him or Rudra and Preesha will be caught in Armaan’s murder. He changes his shirt and leaves with knife.

Out of flashback, GPS tells inspector that he didn’t kill Armaan. Inspector Roohi and Saransh saw him with murder weapon and asks him not to lie. GPS says he really didn’t kill Armaan and someone had already stabbed Armaan. He further goes into flashback where a speeding car dashes him and speed away, leaving him injured. He says he doesn’t know what happened next and is waking up now. Inspector says GPS is cooking up stories to either save Preesha or save himself. GPS asks Preesha if she was in Armaan’s room. Preesha says she was behind a sofa and hence GPS couldn’t see her. Inspector refuses to believe them. Rudra says Preesha and GPS can sacrifice their lives for others and requests inspector to do proper investigation. Inspector says law needs proof which is against Preesha and GPS who are the prime suspect now. Preesha and GPS are arrested and brought to police station. Pihu and Vidyuth ask why they arrested GPS. Inspector says they are prime suspects.

Precap: Preesha says just like police think she and Gopal had a motto to kill Armaan, murderer must also be having a motto, so he should check Armaan’s call records and find out the murderer. Rudra makes calls and reaches hotel Blue diamond where he finds a lady (resembling Revati) there.

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