Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Mansi Determined to Solve A Mystery

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th April 2023 Written Episode

Aaliya warns Mansi that Nayan got her happiness after many years with her father’s return, Mansi shouldn’t dare think that she will Nayan’s happiness for evil woman like her, its better she gets out of here. Mansi shouts why god does injustice to her, she has nowhere to go now. She recalls Aaliya’s words that Nayan’s father was dead and returned after 10 years, thinks she thought Govind left Nayan’s family and was staying with her family in London, something is wrong here and she needs to find out. Sam notices Nayan in his room and asks if she is shifting back. Nayan asks if this is not her room. Sam says he was just asking as she wasn’t staying here for some time, asks if she is missing him. She says she is shifting as appa returned.

Sam says he thought she would never stay with him as he angered her by hiding appa and Mansi’s truth. Nayan says any other girl would have got angry, but she will not as she knows whatever he did is for her happiness. He lifts her happily and says he is very happy that his wife returned, he loves her. Nayan asks him to let her down. He lets her down and says he means he loves her as a friend. Nayan says he is right that they can only be friends as they are completely opposite to each other. He sadly says yes. She asks him to tell same to Mohit and Ishani as they are confused.

Mansi reaches Nayan’s house and rings bell. A neighbor asks whom she wants to meet. Mansi says she is Nayan’s friend who came to meet her after 10 years. Neighbor says Nayan is married now and lives with her husband. Mansi asks if Nayan’s parents also shifted with her. Neighbor says Nayan’s mother shifted with her as her father died in a car accident 10 years ago. Mansi acts as shocked and thanks neighbor for her information. She thinks everyone thinks here that Govind died in a car accident, why he played such a big drama, its a big murder mystery and she needs to find out truth.

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Sam cries loudly saying Nayan left her. Aaliya and Mohit try co comfort him saying she told she is his friend. Sam says that is the problem. Mohit says he will speak to Nayan. Aaliya sugests him to force her to fall in his love like he sent poems and impressed her. Mohit says its another issue that Akhtar turned out to be Nayan’s father. Sam agrees to try different ways to impress Nayan. Mansi reaches police station and bribes constable to get Govind’s accident records.

Chintu walks to Prem and asks why he looks sad. Shanti joins him. Prem says they all are happy together, but after 3 months, Samrat and Nayan will separate and everything will turn sad again. Shanti says he is right. Prem says they should do something to stop Nayan and Samrat’s separation. Chintu says they will do something, but lets play now. Shanti sits sadly. Govind walks to her and says Mansi told she doesn’t take medicines on time. He notices her sad and asks what happened to her. Shanti informs him about Nayan and Samrat’s divorce in 3 months and how their marriage happened. He says children’s divorce shouldn’t happen, so he should talk to Samrat. Govind agrees.

Mansi reads Govind’s file and thinks if her papa Ashok’s disappear and Govind’s fake death drama are related. She calls her father’s lawyer friend and questions him about her parents’ divorce. Lawyer informs that Aarti was having an affair and Ashok learnt about it, he wanted to use it to get divorce from Aarti and hence went to Delhi to confront her and never returned. She asks when he went to Delhi and where he stayed. Lawyer says between 12-14th June and stayed in their school friend’s house. She takes school friend’s address and thinks she will find out what happened to her father Ashok.

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Precap: Govind asks Sam that he and Nayan are a perfect couple, then why they are divorcing each other. Nayan asks florist who sent her a bouquet. Samrat reaches behind her and signals florist. Mansi checks Govind and Aarti’s hotel CCTV footage and thnks they survived a car accident, then who died that night.

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