Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Revathi Gets Saransh Arrested

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th April 2022 Written Episode

Rudra notices Tarun get the flyers printed and thinks where is Dev. Cafeteria owner says Tarun visited to print the flyers. Inspector asks him why is he alleging Dev without any proof. Rudra says he is sure Dev sent Tarun there. Preesha says they don’t want to file any complaint against Dev, apologizes inspector for wasting his time, and takes Rudra out. At school, Saransh continues to brutally trash Dev. Dev noticing Principal coming pleads Saransh to not beat him. Principal stops their fight. Dev pleads Principal to save him from Saransh. Principal scolds Saransh for his unacceptable behavior being a trustee. Back to police station, Rudra asks Preesha why didn’t she file a complaint against Dev. Preesha they don’t have any proof against DEv and Tarun will not take Dev’s name, so they need to gather evidence first. Principal calls Preesha and asks her to reach City Hospital with Rudra immediately. Preesha and Rudra hope Saransh and Roohi are fine.

Yuvraj enjoys apple on hospital bed and his life changed suddenly. Nurse enters and informs him that he can be discharged today and hands over bill to him. He reminds her that his bill has been paid already. She informs him that only 5000 rs has been paid and he needs to clear the remaining 30000 rs. He says doesn’t even have 3 rs. She says he should pay the bill before 4 p.m. or else they will complain police against him. He gets tensed and thinks he needs to do something as he cannot get into jail without using his trump card.

Rudra and Preesha reach the hospital where Principal informs them that Dev is admitted at a hospital because Saransh physically assaulted Dev. They both deny to accept it. Principal shows them video. They are shocked to see Saransh’s wild behavior. Principal says even Alia witnessed everything. Alia agrees. Saransh tells Preesha that Dev passed lewd comments against her and showed him a wrong flyer, so he got out of control and trashed Dev. Principal says Dev’s condition is really bad. Revati walks in and asks Principal what happened to her son. Principal informs her that Saransh brutally harrassed Dev. She walks to Saransh and asks reason. Preesha stops her and reveals that Saransh is her son. Dev watches from the glass door and thinks he has to act in front of his mother that he is severely injured and hurts himself with a knife.

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Preesha shows the lewd flyer to Revathi and reveals that Dev is behind this. Revathi refuses to accept it. Preesha informs her the whole story from holi party event to Dev’s suspension. Principal alleges Preesha that she always accuses Dev without any proof. Revathi defends Dev andf even if Dev is wrong, Saransh doesn’t have any right to brutally assault Dev. Dev starts shouting in pain. Revathi rushes to him.

Yuvraj hits wardboy’s head with a vase and making him unconscious wears his uniform to escape from the hopsital. Revathi assures Dev that she will make sure that Saaransh gets punished. She walks to Preesha and says that she will get Saransh arrested and send him to juvenile jail. Police inspector walks in. Revathi orders him to arrest Saaransh. Preesha and Rudra stand in shock.

Preesha: Police arrests Saransh. Yuvraj meets Preesha and tells Preesha that she still loves him and hence didn’t inform Rudra that he murdered Rajiv. Rudra enters and is shocked to hear that.

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