Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi Defends Nayantara

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2023 Written Episode

Romila asks Arjun to ask technician to play the video. Arjun says let Mahima come down first. Romila says Mahima will be surprised when comes down and sees the video playing. Arjun agrees. Kashvi knocks Mahima’s room door and finds it locked from inside. She thinks Mahima is in washroom and can’t hear her, she goes to get help from someone to open the door. Romila asks technician to play the video and recalls replacing Arjun’s pendrive with her pendrive. She thinks Nayan will be humiliated during her daughter’s jaymala ritual. Technician plays video. Everyone are shocked to see Nayan and Samrat hugging each other. Nayan drops a flower thali in shock. Romila accuses Nayan of shamelessly having an illegitimate affair with Samrat while her children are about to marry. Aruna also tongue lashes Nayan for character assassinating her sons while she herself is characterless and is a threat to the society.

Samrat shouts at Aruna to shut up and says he truly loves Nayan and hugged he while proposing her. Daadi warns Samrat to stop it and says she trusted him blindly, but he tried to have an affair with her widow DIL, widows don’t get married in their society. Nayan asks in which era she is living in, her mother sacrificed her life for them and never asked anything, did Daadi think about Nayan in 20 years and asked what she wants, Nayan is getting happiness after 20 years and she can’t let anyone spoil it. She reveals that Samrat had sough permission from her to marry Nayan and she approved it. Daadi warns her to stop her advice as she is very young and who is she to give permission. Kashvi says like parents can bless their children, even children can bless their parents. Romila and Aruna continue to yell, but Kashvi shuts their mouth saying they are opposing her mother’s marriage and would themselves would have got her father married 20 years ago itself.

Nitya opposes next and says they are going to be related to soon and can’t bear society’s wrath. Kashvi tongue lashes her for her backward thinking being a civil services officer. Nitya continues to oppose. Arjun backs Kashvi against his mother and accepts Samrat for Nayan. Drama continues…

Precap: Panditji calls bride for the jaymala ritual. Pradyuman takes Mahima to bus stand to elope via a bus. Sam gets a news that Pradyuman escaped. Kashvi informs that Mahima is not opening the door Sam informs Nayan’s family that Mahima eloped with Pradyuman. Nitya hears their coversation.

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