Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Devika Falls in Rudra’s Love

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2021 Written Episode

Devika sees Rudra crying holding Sharda’s hand and says khadoos kumar is a normal human. Sulochana asks if she calls Rudra as khadoos kumar. Devika says she always saw him angry, so she nicked him khadoos kumar. Sulochana says he suffered a lot in life and she will tell his story some other day. Sharda thanks Devika for her help. Rudra says he will drop Devika to hotel and then start his work. Devika says she left her scooter here, so he can accompany her. He asks if she was leaving her scooty here and go back to Goa. She nods yes. Sulochana asks them to take care. Devika drives and Rudra sits as pillion. He bumps on her when scooty jumps on a hump and apologizes. She says its okay, he can hold her if he wants. He shies. She thinks bhabi was right, he is a nice shy man and she misunderstood him. They reach hotel, and says they will meet later and starts his work.

Preesha calls Devika and says her brother had come to pick her up as he is worried for her. Arman holds Preesha’s bag before she could and take her and Anvi in cab. Rudra sees staff wearing a sticker on his shirt and asks what happened. Staff says it tore, so he fixed it for now and will stitch it after returning home. Rudra reminisces similar incident with Preesha and cries reminiscing quality time spent with her; this he doesn’t know why he is remembering her and wants to hear her voice. She remembers hearing her voice in Devika’s phone and thinks it can’t be her as Devika called her bhabhi. He thinks of asking Devika and walks towards her room.

Devika smiles lost in Rudra’s thoughts and remembers all the recent events happened between them. Preesha calls her and asks what is happening. Devika says was about to call her as nothing is right. Preesha asks what happened. Devika says she is in love with khadoos kumar as he absolutely not khadoos and in fact is opposite, his mother also told that he looks khadoos but is actually sensible and sweet like Preesha described. Preesha says she should inform him if she loves him as she may not get another chance, looking at Rudra’s pic. Devika says she feels shy. Preesha says she will not repent at last for not speaking her heart out. Devika asks if she should go right now. Preesha says she will listen to her conversation as if she is accompanying her. Devika meets her on the way. He says he was coming to meet her. She wants to tell that… Servant delivers flowers to Preesha saying its for Arman. Preesha sneezes. Arman scolds servant to take flowers away as Preesha is allergic to flowers. Devika asks Preesha what happened to her and tells Rudra that she is speaking to her bhabhi who is allergic to flowers. Rudra thinks even Preesha is allergic to flowers. He further asks about her brother. She says her brother is from music industry and came to India to promote music. He says her bhabhi must also be a singer. She says bhabhi sings really bad. He reminisces Preesha singing badly and asks what is her bhabhi’s name. She says Preesha Thakur. He is shocked to hear that and asks when did her brother marry. She says 6 months ago, actually her brother is a widower and found Preesha 6 months ago, she takes good care of her niece Anvi and is a good mother and a perfect wife, etc. He thinks he and Preesha separated 6 months ago and she married Devika’s brother immediately, that is why he sensed Devika’s bhabhi is Preesha. Devika asks why is he questioning about her family. He says just like she questioned about his family. She thinks that means even he is interested in her and if he also wanted to tell her I love you. She asks what he wanted to say. He says he wanted to say that she missed her flight because of him, so he will book her tickets. She says its okay as she already booked tickets. He asks when he picked her call, if it was Preesha. She says she was Preesha bhabhi and thinks if he is not saying, she should. She nervously says she wants to say that.. Staff informs him that boss is calling him. He leaves and thinks Preesha married so soon and forgot him, maybe its some other Preesha.

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Devika returns to her room and thinks of calling Preesha. Preesha calls her instead. Devika says she was about to call her. Preesha says she smelt flowers and is allergic to flowers, so she disconnected call; asks fi she proposed RK. Devika says no. Preesha suggests her to stay there for 2-3 days and propose him. Devika thanks her. Preesha then goes to Arman’s room to remind him about his meeting and slips. Arman holds her. She feels awkward. Arman says they are friends and shouldn’t feel awkward. She says he is right. He says let us sleep then. She walks away saying goodnight friend. Arman thinks she is more than a friend to him and don’t know till when he will hide his feelings for her.

Precap: Arman trashes a man for holding Preesha’s hand. Chachaji suggests Arman to propose Preesha before situation worsens. Vasu also insists Preesha to marry Arman. Devika asks Rudra if he will accompany her to Goa to meet her family. He agrees.

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