Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun Hates Kashvi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2023 Written Episode

Jagadish catches Arjun drinking alcohol. Arjun says he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions as he gets angry, frustrated, and sad, etc. Jagadish asks him to speak to him. Arjun says he is breaking down from inside; he loved Mahima since childhood, but she betrayed him just before wedding; he had to marry Kashvi to save family’s dignity, but doesn’t love her. Jagadish says Kashvi is a good girl. Arjun says Kashvi is his bestfriend, tutor, mentor, etc., but he doesn’t love her and hates her face as it reminds her of Mahima’s betrayal; he can’t tell her how much he hates her and hence acts happy in front of her; he knows Kashvi is in deep pain due to her parent’s death, but he can’t help; he is gulping alcohol to gulp his sorrows, etc. Jagadish makes him sit and says he can understand his pain, but trust him that Kashvi is the best girl he could have got; he describes how he wasn’t confident when he married Nitya and felt he is unfit for her, but he studied and became a civil service officer to confidently look into her eyes and feel equal to her, etc. He says Arjun is a fighter who fought all his battles bravely and he is sure he will win even this battle. Arjun throws away alcohol and thanks Jagadish. Kashvi hears their conversation and feels heartbroken after learning she reminds him of Mahima’s betrayal and Arjun acts happy in front of her.

Nitya walks into Kashvi’s room thinking why Kashvi was doubting Aruna when she already mislead Kashvi by changing evidence. She checks cupboard and finds Samrat’s gifted box for Kashvi. She opens it and finds a voice recorder in which Samrat has warned Kashvi to beware of a criminal woman staying in her house. She thinks maybe Samrat didn’t take her name as he didn’t have any solid proof against her. She realizes that Kashvi doubted Aruna because of this and thinks it’s good for her. She calls sari shop owner and orders 1 more sari lying that her friends liked it a lot and she wants one by the morning. Kashvi sits sadly on bed recalling Arjun’s words. Arjun walks to her and asks if they can study. Kashvi says she is not feeling well and wants to sleep. After some time, Arjun notices Kashvni not snoring and sleeping silently on her side of bed. Kashvi thinks she doesn’t want to hurt him more and is holding a needle to keep herself awake and not snore.

Mahima walks into Pradyuman’s room and apologizes him for betraying him and then realizing that she can’t stay without him. Pradyuman gets angry seeing her and shouts that she just loves money and is back to him as she knows Sam is dead and he got all his wealth, Sam’s wealth went in charity, but his father made his CEO of his company and he got lots of money know. He warns her to dare not show her face to him again adn get out. Mahima walks away fuming. Next morning, Nitya keeps pooja at home and asks Kashvi to bring a silver coin from Aruna’s room. Kashvi checks for a coin in Arun’s cupboard and finds a sari which she had found at the factory. She finds its pallu torn and thinks Aruna is madamji who got her parents killed.

Precap: Kashvi finds torn sari in Aruna’s cupboard and thinks Aruna is madamji. She accuses Aruna of killing her parents.
Aruna yells at Kashvi and asks if she has any proof. Kashvi says she has proof that she is the madamji who ordered to kill her parents.

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