Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Mansi Feels Jealous of Nayantara

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2023 Written Episode

Nayan tells Prem that she will attend party with Samrat with beard and moustache and make him face humiliation from his friends. Sam enters and says she need not worry as he will not feel humiliated. He calls grooming team to groom Nayan and get her ready for party. He warns her if she wants Prem’s custody, then she should be him.
Artists get Nayan ready for party. Prem says she is looking very pretty. Malati gets worried for Ishani when she doesn’t call for long. Paati asks her to relax as she must be busy in court marriage and will call her back soon.

Sam gets ready in a suit for party. Revati says he is looking handsome. Sam says he is going for a reunion party. Revati says Mansi and Raghav would also be there, is he sure he wants to attend it. He say says yes. Nayan walks. Revati is stunned seeing her ugly Nayan looking beautiful with a makeover and asks if she is Nayan. Sam says he got her makeover for the party. Nayan asks Sam to hurry up as she needs to drop Prem to Malti’s house on the way. Revati thinks Sam is falling for Nayan. They reach party venue. Nayan winks her eyes. Sam asks her to stop that. She says she lost her contact lens. He scolds her. Their nok jhok starts. She says makeup artist gave her a spare lens. He helps her fix it. Dil Sambhal jaa Zaraa.. song plays in the background.

Raghav and Mansi walk to them and taunts Samrat to control himself as this is a party venue and not his bedroom. Sam say what can he do, he can’t get his eyes off his beautiful and irresistible wife. Mansi laughs and mocks him. Nayan walks in front. Mansi and Raghav are shocked to see her transformation. Sam says his wife looks more beautiful than anyone else in this party and even Mansi. Mansi feels jealous. Chintu plays with Prem and says its good that he came here. Malati tells Paati that she wants Sam to realize Nayan’s inner beauty and continue their marriage, she is sure he will fall in her love if they stay together for 6 months. Prem hears their conversation.

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Sam and Nayan’s nok jhok starts again. Raghav walks to them and asks to stop their PDA, he made a mistake by calling them to party and should have let them stay in their room. Sam says what can he do, his wife is irresistible. Raghav asks if he will sing a song for his wife. Sam says why not and sings Ab Tum Hi Ho… song for Nayan and dances with her. Mansi feels jealous. Raghav notices her and asks if Sam used to sing this song for her in college, is she feeling jealous. She denies and silently crosslegs a water who drops juice on Nayan. Nayan goes to bathroom to clean herself. Mansi walks into bathroom and taunts her that Sam sang that son for her. Nayan says he used to sing for many girls before marriage, but after marriage, he sings only for her. Mansi fails to make her feel jealous and stands furious.

Precap: Raghav taunts Nayan that her so called soulmate Sam is lost in Mansi. Malati gets a call from inspector about Ishani’s accident. Nayan tells Sam that her sister died because of him, she wil not spare him.

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