Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Vidyuth Killed Armaan?

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th December 2022 Written Episode

Digvijay informs that Armaan was alive when he left his room and he doesn’t know when the button broke down and fell during their fight. Inspector asks what was the time when he left Armaan’s room. Digvijay says it was around 1:45 to 2 a.m. Inspector asks if he has any evidence. Digvijay says no. Inspector arrests Digvijay for investigation and says he wants everyone’s fingerprints as Armaan was strangulated and culprit’s fingerprints were on his neck. Back home, Pihu tells Sharda that she doesn’t know till when police will retain Digvijay and Preesha for investigation. Roohi hears that and tells Saransh that they should reveal everyone what happened that night. Saransh says they should wait and if anything goes more wrong, they will inform Rudra first. He thinks if he is doing wrong by hiding the truth.

Pihu tells Vidyuth that its good police took their fingerprints and hopes Preesha and Digvijay are proven innocent. Vidyuth thinks if he should inform truth to Pihu or not and says he wants to tell her something. Constables walk in and inform them that they need to visit police station right now. Rudra, Digvijay, and Preesha also gather in police station. Rudra asks inspector if he found any new evidence against the culprit. Inspector says he found a murderer itself who maintained silence till now. Vidyuth says he is the one. Eveyrone are shocked. Inspector asks him why didn’t he accept truth till now.

Vidyuth says he had visited Armaan and tried to strangualte him, but didn’t kill him. He recalls visiting Armaan and strangulating his neck. Armaan frees himself and warns if he will kill him. Vidyuth says he will kill Armaan for snatching Rudra’s house and wroning him and Pihhu. Armaan says he will go to jail if he kills him, then Pihu and his child will be on road. Vidyuth leaves. He returns home and thinks he will not inform Pihu that he had gone to threaten Arman or else she will be in tension and it would affect her and her baby’s health. Out of flashback, Vidyuth says he and Pihu were in gynec’s clinic from 2:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. and murder happened around 3 a.m., so inspector cannot arrest him. Inspector agrees and says Preesha and Digvijay are still under scanner and cannot be released till the real murderer is caught.

Rudra meets Preesha in police station and expresses his concern for her. Preesha asks him to go home as he feels there is something wrong with children. Rudra returns home and finds Roohi having high fever. Sharda informs that she already took Roohi to doctor’s clinic with a neighbor’s help and asks how did he find out about her. Rudra says Preesha sent him home as she got an instinct that children are not fine. Sharda says a mother gets an intuition when something happens to her child. Saransh thinks Roohi is worried for Preesha but is hiding truth, he needs to handle the issue before its too late. Rudra gets inspector’s call and reaches police station. Inspector shows murder weapon and says murderer himself left it here. Rudra says CCTV cameras must have caught murderer’s face, who is he. Inspector reveals its Saransh. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Preesha says her son can’t murder anyone and asks proof. Inspector shows proof. Saransh informs what had happened that night.

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