Worth waiting for….(KKB) Few shots! Shot 5

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It’s a short update but my brain stopped working at the place where I stopped…I can’t think further and no energy to type further too! I need energy to be conserved for ff too! Hope u all understand!

Abhi couldn’t sleep that night…..He was restless and was keep on thinking about her words and sudden hug…..Abhi, how can she hug me just like this? Yes I know she is my wife but how can she still hug me all of a sudden? If this is making me sleepless then her words about girl’s thoughts and feelings is making me confused….no….it’s making me think that she is referring to her…..why do I feel this way?

Pragya looking at one of his article with his picture in a magazine was thinking that girls like me….no…to be precise a woman like me don’t know how valuable we are until a man like u is beside me….when will u be beside me to tell how valuable am I to u?

Abhi looked at his phone and saw her picture in it and told “You always make me think! When will u be thinking about me and tell me that u need me?”
Pragya still looking at the magazine, I need you…I always need u to be beside me and be my needs of life in every moment that is needed in my life….
Abhi placed his phone in the side table and tried to slept for that night but still couldn’t as all his thoughts were on her…..
Pragya slept by hugging the magazine and tried to sleep but she also couldn’t as all her thoughts were on him…..

The next day:
Abhi woke up early in the morning as he felt the more he slept, there was more visions of Pragya which only disturbed him….
He took a piece of paper and tried to pen down some lines….Abhi, What can I write? Let me think this having Pragya in my mind….
Hmm…Pragya…she is like a fairy that came in my life…so fairies make life beautiful….but in my case she made my finds to be completed…Ya! I got it….. Here is the line! My finds were completed by this fairy in my life…..She is my fairy who completed my finds for living, life and most importantly love……
Abhi, Not bad Abhi! You are also thinking and that too with her thoughts…..

Bulbul “Di! Di! Wake up!” Pragya in a lazy voice still having her eyes closed “Why Bulbul? Let me sleep na….” Bulbul “Oh then you want me to answer the call from him?” Pragya “Who is that him?” Bulbul “Your waiting husband!” Pragya “What?” She quickly waked up and grabbed the mobile phone from Bulbul’s hand. Bulbul “So anxious ah?” Pragya “Sssh!” She answered the call with hesitation “Hello… “ Abhi “Pragya! Are u awake? Did I disturb your sleep?” Pragya with a sweet smile said “Not really….what’s the matter?” Abhi “I told u right…I am writing lyrics for a song…I would like to share it with u…it’s a bit cliché to me but I need your opinion…” Pragya “Ok sure…” Abhi told the lines that he had written and Pragya, how I wish that I am the fairy that u referred to…but I know it’s not me…it’s your career that u are referring to but in girl’s perspective….Abhi “Are u there?” Pragya “Haan…It’s lovely like you…” Abhi “Huh? Lovely like me?” Pragya, Oh my god! why did I say like that? Pragya “I mean lovely lyrics like you have written as always….” Abhi “As always? When I was with u…I never wrote lyrics!” Pragya somehow managed saying that just like the lyrics you have written recently for his albums. Abhi “Okok! I think u are still sleepy and thanks for the opinion!” Pragya “Thanks for sharing it with me….” Abhi thought to himself, I always want to share everything I have with u….

Bulbul who was there stared at Pragya after she ended the call and asked Pragya “What is all this? When did u met him? Then why is he still not here to bring u back?” Pragya “Bulbul! Don’t nag me early in the morning….I just met him yesterday and we exchanged numbers…” Bulbul “What? You two are acting as if like boyfriend and girlfriend when the truth is both of u are husband and wife!” Pragya explained further on what else he talked to her and Bulbul was still not convinced. Bulbul “If he even have the idea of bringing u back then he should have done it once he met u yesterday itself! He is just cheating on u!” Pragya “Shut up Bulbul! He won’t do like that and he will come back as he said!” Bulbul “You and your beliefs is only trying to convince yourself and not those who are around u!” Pragya couldn’t stand her words and she walked off to the washroom. Bulbul, I know it hurts you di but I am trying to make u go after him and get him back in your life….some times waiting alone is not enough di….the longer you wait, the more waste will built up in your life…..
Pragya, Why is she keep on saying like this? It hurts me badly…I only have her as my family…why can’t she give me some support that I expect? He will come back as he is not a person who cheat others! How do I explain to her that?
Pragya was crying silently in the washroom as she didn’t want her cries to be heard by her own sister….She didn’t want her sister to feel that she was hurt by her words…..

Abhi looked around and saw something that was not supposed to be in his house….
In another situation, Abhi “When words were there to express my feelings, then my love was not there….when love was there to express my feelings, then words were not there with me….”

Do u all know I am replying to the comments for the past few updates! Hope u all have seen it! I will also reply from now onwards as I am a free bird now! Finally freedom is here! Thank u for all the support!

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