Will u be my Better Half ??? (OS)

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Hi guys

Everyone have some dreams..especially in Love..

Nd definitely in proposing to our love..

Roses..Chocolates..Surprises..even more..

But we should do it on time..if we don’t say our love in a correct time..

Then maybe we don’t get it in our lifetime..

Don’t judge becoz of this line..this sad story..this is happy ending love story..

Ok let’s start

Here our heroine ..

Bulbul was standing by seeing the moon light..

Purab: Bulbul ..i want to say something..

Bulbul: kya??

Purab: Bulbul..u r the one who was with me in every time in my life..when i see my life back..everywhere u will be there with me with ur smile..maybe this is rubbish..but this is true..if i was in very bad situation..when i saw ur face..ur smile..i will get my energy back..i will get the power to fix my life..i have seen so many girls..in my life school..college..working place..but in every place..u r the one who will be highlighting …i want u to be with me all my life..will u be my??

Bulbul: My??

Purab: wo..sorry..i practised so many times..nd i don’t get nervous in other times with u..but to this matter..words were not coming..ok wait..I..

Bulbul : U??

Suddenly ..someone hit her back..

Sarla: how many times ..i have told you..to wake up early..get up now!!

Bulbul now realised that everything was a dream..

Bulbul : oh Shit!! Maa..why did u wake me?? If i had slept for few minutes..My dream will got complete na..

Sarla: Bakwas math kar..

Bulbul : bakwas..Wo tho muje propose karne jaa ratha..lekin aap..

Sarla: Propose!! koun??

Bulbul: Wahi…


Bulbul sensed someone was at her door..ahe guessed..who was that..nd went there..she opened the door..Purab fell in front of her..

Bulbul laughed…

Sarla: Bulbul..why u behaving with him like this??

Purab: haan..I don’t like you..

He went to Sarla side..by saying this..

Bulbul: me?? Then what u doing at door..u hearing our conversations na?? Don’t say that u r Professor..

Purab: neih ..i was to come in..

Bulbul knows him very well..he was here to know her love for him..he was waiting for her opinion about him..but she was not giving him a clue..actually he too know..but he wants to some hint..so that he can propose her..with confident..

Purab: Maa..don’t i have any rights to come to this house??

Bulbul: excuse me..wo meri Maa..

Sarla beat her back nd said..

Sarla: Wo bhi meri beta hai..u go now nd get ready..

Purab smiled by hearing this while Bulbul acted like she was angry.

Sarla went to prepare Breakfast..

Bulbul went for her cupboard nd stood to choose the dress..Purab came to her nd said

Purab : Bulbul..wear that Maroon churithar today..

Bulbul: achha..i was about to wear that..but how do i do that..if u said something..i am going to wear this Yellow..

Purab was little bit upset..

Bulbul: wow..Purab now ur face was so beautiful..now go out..i need to get ready..

After he went..she smiled by seeing the dress he said..

Purab was eating..chappathi..
No Sarla was feeding him..

Bulbul came out with the dress which Purab said..

Purab face was brightens like a Moon..

Bulbul saw him with little smile..then controlled.

Purab: u said that u won’t do what i said..

Bulbul: wo kya hena..Ye Meri dress..i will wear it if i wants..

Purab smiled..

Bulbul: don’t laught..nd don’t think that i wore this becoz u said..

Purab: na..why should i think like that? Henna Maa??

Sarla: haan..Bilquil..why should she wear??

She too said with smile..it irritates her more..

Purab was eating by irritating her..she got angry nd said that she was going out..

Mom: Breakfast?

Bulbul: give that to this Idiot..i am going..

Mom: chal tk..eat something healthy..

Purab smiled more..

Bulbul again said she was going out in a loud voice..nd went from there..

Purab: Maa..bye.. this is my last signal..if i didn’t go there..u know what exactly ur angry bird will do..bye..

Sarla: chal..tc..make her to eat something..

After coming out he saw her..cute doll was with angry face..he smiled nd said her to get in..

She get into the car..nd saw him..when he saw her..she turned her face..

So that was his duty to change her mood..nd now that was the big day for him becoz..he planned to propose her..he knows that she too loves him..but he need to confirm that..so it was necessary to change her mood..

He said her that they will go for restaurant first..to have her breakfast..then shopping..then Movie..

He didn’t said to her what was his plan after movie..

She said ok..

In Restaurant..

While they eating..some girls came there..

Girl1: wow..Professor..I just think about u..

Girl2: No Professor today..becoz its not our college..so just Purab..

Girl3: haan..nd also..not only she Purab..we all missing u..not only today we were missing u in every holiday..we want to see u everyday…

Like every girls started to flirting with him..Bulbul eyes became red..she can’t control her anger when she saw that table was fully occupied by those girls..

Not only table..also she can’t Purab..Girls were hiding him..

In between Purab saw her..particularly her Eyes..he can’t help in that situation…

Purab tried to move them..but they were sticking with him like a fevicol..

Once they gone..he saw the table empty..

Bulbul was at the entrance ..she was upto go out..she didn’t turned back..

Purab said to himself..

Purab: kuch karo Purab..don’t let her mood to be like this..No girl will accept her love in this situations..

While thinking he saw something..

Bulbul was walking with very small face..she knows very well..that there is no Purab’s mistake..Still she can’t control her anger..

Then someone held her hand..

She knows who was that..nd said without turning..

Bulbul: i don’t need excuses..go nd enjoy with ur students..no no..its Holiday na..Ur girl friends..

Purab smiled by seeing her Possessiveness..

He turned her..nd her eyes became big..

She saw him..

Bulbul: tume kya laga..giving this Teddy everytime..will reduce my anger on you??

Purab: i don’t know about that..but i know this..u can’t be angry with me..Right??

Bulbul tried to hide her smile..she liked this Purab especially..even he didn’t do any mistakes..he can’t see her in anger..he will do anything what makes her smile..

She held her Big Teddy in one hand..nd Purab’s hand in another hand..

She smiled by seeing him..also Purab..

They both knows the meaning of their smile..

After finishing Breakfast..she asked him to go for some Men’s Showroom..

They went there..She got her first salary..that was her dream..to buy something for him nd her Mom.

She fulfilled one of her dream..nd now Purab..

He trials more than ten shirts..but she was not satisfy with any of them..then he came with one Black shirt…

It was like Awesome..Superb..Perfect..

He came nd asked her how was that..

She was like seeing only him..

Their eyes got locked..they didn’t see anything for some minutes..

Then someone came for trial room..

Man: if u both go nd continue ur business that side..i can change my clothes..

They both realised what they are doing..

Purab: Sorry sir..Actually..

Man: i am just kidding..but seriously i need to change my clothes now..so..

Bulbul: sure..

She blushed hard..then she escaped from there..

Bulbul settled bill for that shirt..while she saw him nd smiled..

Purab smiled back nd said to himself again..

Purab: Perfect Mr. Purab Khana..keeps her mood likes this till u propose her..

Then they went for Movie..but the most disappointing thing happened..they don’t get seat side by side..

Their seat contains four seats in middle of them..

He said to her..that he will change..

After going in..they seated side by side ..and waited..

Some girls came in and saw Bulbul was sitting in their seat..

Purab explains about the seats..but one of the girls said..

Girl1: U Purab Right?

Purab: haan..aap?

Bulbul controlled her anger this time..coz she don’t want to ruin their outing..

Girl2: hum Shakeena ki Cousins..

Bulbul: koun Shakeena?

She asked him

Purab:Shakeena? Koun Shakeena? muje kaise patha?

Bulbul saw him with doubted face..

Girl3: arrey ur student..u know everyday she says something about u..ur looks, ur speech, ur hotness..nd we too became fan of u..see our mobile has ur pics,.

Everyone showed their Mobile..there was lot of pics..

Bulbul was like ????????

Girl1: Sissy..can u please sit in ur place ..where u got ur ticket..we can sit with him..

Girl2: nd i swear..we don’t do anything..

Girl3: wo kya hena..we don’t get this chance afterwards..to see movie with him..u can also see,with him next show na..

By saying that..they make her sit where she got ticket..after four seats..Purab was sitting with those girls..

Purab can’t do anything..Movie was started..when he stood everyone behind them shouted to sit down..

He had no way..

Purab said to himself..

Purab: buzz..katham hogaya tumara ye love story..kahan se aagayi ye shakeena..My Bulbul became angry with me again..now how am going to convince her..God please help me..

While thinking this he saw her..

Bulbul saw him that he was with tensed face..she knows that he didn’t do this..she saw him ..his cute face..he was seeing him..he tcan’t say anything..he tried to ask sorry about this incident..but she never changed her face to the reaction what she thinking right now about him..not onlu teddy face make her cool..nd also,his face..she turned nd watch the movie..

Purab: Its over Purab..she was very angry..

Also in interval those girls never leave him to speak with Bulbul..

Bulbul now decided something..she sees nothing except him..

He was always very kind to her..he never want her to be sad..in every situations he make her smile..every time he encourage her..he was with her twenty years..she met him at school for the first time..their first meeting in school was so interesting..Bulbul bites him for eating her lunch..then she came to know that was another boy..Purab was so good at that time too..then they both became close friends..Purab’s Mother died in accident..so Bulbul’s Maa treated him like her son..not only she..and also her Dad, Dadi..at that time..she doesn’t know what was that feeling..she don’t want to come school..if he was absent..she don’t want to eat till he comes..but she felt good when she was with him..

So Now she decided don’t tense him anymore

Screen displays THE END

Purab searched for her..but she was not there..

He decided that now anger level reached high..nd he thinks a lot to calm her..but he caught nothing..

He really don’t wants to end the day like this..Really..wo bhi..he planned to Propose her..

Suddenly someone voice came..

Hi ..attention please..i just want all ur time..so please be seated..i know Purab..u recognised my voice..

Yes its me ur Bulbul..
I am going ti say something which u longed for these days..nd i have waited for u to say..

But its ok ..i will say that..

Purab was surprised by this kind behaviour of her..He knows her..she was crazy..but he seriously can’t believe what she was doing now..

Don’t think too much Purab..yes its me..ur Bulbul..

Guys i want to propose my love something different ..so i thought to do this in front of all..

I thought to all over the world..tho tk..atleast for half of the world now,.

Screen was displaying their photo..

Ok now..

This was my Purab..who will be very kind to me at all the situations…like every girl i used to dream about my Rajkumar will come in horse to pick me..
But i don’t know that my Rajkumar will be with me
All these days..

Who give me my smile every time..who see my mom like his own Mom..who will be with me all the time..who will know how to handle me..

This was every girls dream..nd now Purab i will reduce my anger..i don’t want u to worry becoz of me..

i will learn to cook for u..i will learn to wake up early like u..

So the most important line..

I will be there for u forever..becoz i love u so much..
I want to be with u forever..i want to marry u..

Will u be my Better Half???

Purab was smiling till she ending her dialogue..
These were the he used to think for proposing..

He never expect that she will propose him..he was very happy..or what else he wants

This was the day he longing for..

He ran to the place where Bulbul was..
He searched ..nd found..

She was there behind the screen..

From back he held her..she didn’t turned..he keeps her face on her shoulder..nd hold her waist..

Nd said..I Love You..

She turned nd saw him..his eyes..then said

I Love you too..

He kissed her..

Suddenly..those girls came..

Girl 1: Oops..sorry wrong time..

Purab nd Bulbul released themselves..

Bulbul: its ok..actually Thank you..becoz of u all..i proposed him..otherwise..i have to wait entire my life..for his proposal..

She said that by winking at him

Purab: achha..i was to propose..u just ..

Girl2: haan haan..buzz..don’t fight..aap dono jagada math kijiye..if u both wants to say thanks…say it to ur family..ur Dad..nd Bulbul ur Dad, Mom, Dadi..

Bulbul: kya??

Girl3: Purab..don’t u remember ur student Shakeena..actually she was our friend..she went to return the notes u gave..by seeing her ur family got idea..to shoot this drama..jealousy drama..

Sarla: haan..i know about my girl..definitely will be upto this decision ..that’s why i agreed Shasank ji plan..

Bulbul: Maa aap bhi na..

Shasank: tho phir kya beta..i was waiting for u to marry my son..for long long time,.nd u both were playing who will propose first..

Dadi: tho isiliye ye idea..Mazaa aaya na..

Purab: wo tho hai..if not she will never said this..

Bulbul: atleast i have said..not like u..

Dadi: buzz buzz..its not time for fight..only Marriage..

Everyone smiles..both Purab nd Bulbul blushed.


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