Will Mohsin and Shivangi be regressive or progressive parents?

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News Will Mohsin and Shivangi be regressive or progressive parents?

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Directors’ Kut) is very well received among the audiences. Almost every track in the show has kept its viewers glued to the TV screens.

One of the major reasons for the show’s success has to be relevance. The subjects that the show talks are pretty relevant, and audiences can easily connect with the characters and the dilemmas or rollercoaster of emotions that they go through.

When the divorce and reconciliation track of the show was on, it seemed like the entire nation wept along with Karthik and Naira (Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi).

After the reconciliation, the story of the show has progressed towards Karthik and Naira’s parenthood. Finally, with a lot of speculations and health issues, Naira have conceived and the entire family is extremely happy.

Considering the fact that makers have always kept the story line realistic, we wonder how they will progress with the parenthood track. Will Naira have conflicts with her family in terms of different parenting techniques? Will she give her all in motherhood and give up her passion for dance? Will give her entire attention only

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