Will he be my destiny!!!! shot-7

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Hi guys hope you all remember me sorry for my late and thanks all for your comments sowji Di I really felt happy seeing your message I think you are there to correct my mistake as I always thought you and nivetha akka as my inspiration

OK we will start our story……….

Doctor came,

Doctor:Pragya who are you to him I mean what relationship you are having with him

Pragya:he is my Bhai’s friend doctor

Doctor:just ask his family to come because…..

Pragya: doctor what happened to him ???!!!!!

Doctor:if he doesn’t open his eyes within 24 hours,he may slip to coma

Pragya was completely shattered hearing this and the doctor went

Pragya called purab after a minute


Pragya cried vigorously after hearing his voice…….

Purab understood it was Pragya

Purab: chotti!!!!

Pragya:Bhai can you please come to Pune abhi was in critical condition

Purab:what ????how !!?????

Pragya: because of me only he is in this stage and call tanu also


Pragya:she has the right to meet her husband Na?!!!!

Purab:are you mad Pragya abhi didn’t married her because he loves you damn it……


And purab explains everything

Pragya:Bhai come soonnnnnnn please and cuts the call

Pragya gets inside and saw her abhi in bed with many wires

Pragya came closer to him and hold his hand and sobbed……..

Why you left me abhi why?????????I have to suffer always……??????

Why God likes to play with me always???????

When I want to be with I can’t

When I want to get rid of you I can’t

When I want to forget you I can’t

When I want to move on from you I can’t

Why all this happens only for me?????………

She saw years flowing from abhi’s eyes………she wiped it and kisses his forehead

She too slept by leaning on His chest

Purab came to Pune and came to the hospital he verified and came to ICU

He opened the door by assuring not to disturb abhi and he saw abhi and Pragya together and went out…………

Atleast god please unite them now!!!!!!!
And he slept outside the ICU in chair


Pragya sensed someone’s hand on her head………

She was shocked to see abhi’s hand

Pragya:abhi abhi you woke up Na please open your eyes please

Abhi:oye pisase let me so we do for sometime……

Pragya:you slept more than 1 day so please don’t sleep again

She cried heavily by hugging him he just pacified her my patting her back……

Purab came by hearing her sound

Purab:abhi are you alright wail I will call the doctor

Doctor came and checked him completely

Doctor: something other than me made you to wake up Mr.abhi

Abhi: it’s other than her pearls like tear only doctor by pointing Pragya he said…………..

Doctor and purab left to leave them some space

Abhi:shall I hug you once more to make you to feel for me like I did 7 years back??……..said by winking at her

Pragya was shocked

She came to him and hugged him tightly as there was no other day to the and cried

Abhi: Pragya please don’t cry Na I can’t see you in pain

And suddenly abhi pushed her forcefully at the same time purab came inside and shocked to see him like this……………

I know this was too short and next will be my last one because from nest week my school starts I am moving to 12th standard

Thanks all for bearing my mistakes

Bye guys see you all soon!!!……….?

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