Will Anupama Help Kavya get Vanraj Back?

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Today’s episode of Anupama was not only a big shocker for Kavya, but for the audience as well. We knew Vanraj was not happy with his wife and has gone back to being “The Vanraj Shah” he was portrayed at the beginning of the show.

However, handing out the divorce papers to Kavya was an unexpected move. During the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Baa and Bapuji, Kavya hands out the property papers back to them, leaving everyone stunned; but Vanraj was not pleased with it. Instead, he gave her the shock of life by demanding a divorce.

This leads to an ugly fight between the couple and as usual, Kavya put the blame on Anupama by saying that she wants to take revenge by snatching her husband just like her.

Now it would be interesting to see what happens next with Dolly asking Anupama to talk to Vanraj and Kavya pleading him for another chance.

Apart from the high voltage drama, we got a glimpse of #MaAn, and how much Anuj loves Anupama, with him standing up for Anupama & defending when Kavya keeps throwing insults at her.

What do you think will happen next? Will Anupama talk to Vanraj? Will he even listen to what she has to say? Do you think that it is the end of the marriage between Vanraj and Kavya?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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