Why we met when were destined to be separated – Abhigya Os

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I wonder why god made us meet .I first met him at the bridge where thousand stars shone reliving my pain suddenly I slipped n fell into beach suddenly some one took me up n said I’ll not leave I’ll be with u forever for a moment I was feeling it was real then reality snapped me when the director said cut I realised my surrounding n saw it was an shooting this was our first meet then again he came in my life I thought all was well later did I realise that he married me for revenge n he had a girlfriend called tanu.he thought me as my sis who loved purab n daily he tortured do u know how I felt when I saw him in tanu house at the for at night of our marriage in a drunken state his dadi was his world he acted fr her somewhere deep inside my heart I felt he’s caring person though he was rude to me .days passed and another problems of MMS came he was ready to marry me with suresh I felt I’m a burden to all maybe I’m not beautiful like his gf he was ready to push me out of his life o was dying inside when he stopped the marriage n said the reason I forgave as I did when he misunderstood me when hit n run case was going .he was thinking that I was trying to frame him but his misunderstanding cleared when that man told truth.I was now starting to develop a very deeper feeling or an epitome of love in my heart though my mind said loving him is like building castles in air but my heart ignored it.then one more thing after knowing I’m not the one he was supposed to be revenged he spoke with me a little soft which my heart needed after the accusations of gold digger etc.he left me in many incident like I hope u remember our false honeymoon trip but again came yo me again was this all fate? I was kidnapped n he took the bullet fr me n I proposed him in a romantic atmosphere now I thought he didn’t love me n when I heard tanu was pregnant with his child.I decided to sacrifice my life fr his unborn child I know the pang of being an fatherless so I confronted him n said that’s when he said he loves me too my heart froze as he proposed me in a beautiful place with artificial moon I was happy then later realised things n we both parted ways

now again I came to know it was those b*t*h plan n I got accident after that I returned as mogamvo I acted to torture even in that situation he loved me then I failed to expose those b*t*hes I lost my bulbul it was all because of me I got a caring bro Ronnie I brought miseries in loved ones life then I said him truth he too believed we hoped yo start our life but who expected that it would be end he lost his memory.dadi said me to go out as I might harm abhishek again fate brought us together he made me his pa again he started to love me now because of those b*t*hes again I was in a mess purab said we love each other to make jealous all was well till those b*t*hed came to know our plan it backfired he made my engagement with purab.why God I always believed that sacrificing my happiness I would make others happy I trusted dadi I acted according to her bit she threw me out why this is happening to me alone after all this I still believed in u.I love abhishek more keep him safe n happy I prayed to god as I was lying in hospital bed connected to wires I could see everyone telling me to wake up but I’m tired of it yes I’m tired of fighting I’m tired sacrificing I’m tired of proving I’m tired of everything I’m happy that these many cry fr me even that b*t*h aaliya my nanad was also crying I was happy I managed to melt her heart

Few hrs before
Purab n pragya were about to get engaged in few hours when tanu planned to kill aaliya as now she’s no use of her pragya saved her when knife pierced her belly making blood flow like a river all gathrered around her purab called her di she said I love u abhi I had always loved you n blacked out abhi admitted her in Hosp later came to know the truth of his pragya
Now at present pragya thought
My abhishek was pleading me to come back how can I tell him that I’m tired of everything he was crying so hard now I could see heaven greeting me n my sis bulbul came to me n hugged me I felt warmth of my sis n felt myself being relieved from this cruel world I joined hands with my sis n went to Paradise not caring about my mom dadi purab abhishek or his family or anything.I felt I can at least be selfish once n feel my happiness instead of others that ECG showed a straight line indicating I’m dead but now only im free.only one question plays if we were meant to be separated why did we ever meet?

So guys how was this just thought go relax a bit n this idea popped up in my stupid brain pls bear with me n cast ur comments.pls bear with spelling mistakes n no proof read as typing in phone guys.
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