Whom will I choose?? abhigya or prabhi part 6

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Pragya was on top of abhi,her breathing becoming abnormal,abhi caressed her cheeks,her heart beat thumping loud,she came to senses when some one knocked the door.it was pragathi,she informed that dadi has called him for dinner.Pragya stood up immediately n turned to go, when he pulled me,I asked him want,he shut my mouth n I stamped him he holded his leg n gestured pragathi was out.then I asked him sorry. He smiled at me,for that one smile I can even give my life.I rushed to my room, after that n quickly changed my dress,my mind was replaying the same scene again n again.she went down n sat near pragathi n started to eat.pragathi asked di can u feed me??pragya was overwhelmed she made her eat n pragathi too fed her.abhi was seeing them n his full gaze was on Pragya.this gave pragya pink colour to her cheeks.pragathi who was unaware of this,was staring abhi.

After dinner all went inside.pragathi was walking in garden,when she saw abhi about to fall,she pulled him .he was so near to her. Abhi was very confused as his heart was fluttering whenever Pragya or pragathi comes near.He smiled at her,he asked her what’s her favourite n shared few things n both retired to sleep.pragathi slept with a smile.pragya too was sleeping n abhi too.all faces were shown…

Pragya was sleeping when she heard a sweet voice singing song,she went out n saw pragathi doing pooja singing

Murai than a mugundha,sarithana salandha
Murai thana mugandha,sarithana salandha

Gopiyar kandu kaneevathu muraiya
Pavayin nenjam ena theiginra piraiya……
(From bahubali2).

pragathi was dancing around Krishna’s idol.she smiled seeing her sis.abhi too watched this n smiled.

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He saw pragya getting ready to go somewhere,he asked her where she was going ???she asked whether he can drop her??he said yess.Pragya went with abhi in his bike,she was clutching abhi tightly ,it was sending shivers to his body.

Manasula poonkathu nee parkkum thesaiyil vesum pothu namakunnu oru thesam angu iruvarum sernthu onna vazhvom….plays

Pragya said abhi stop here,it was orphanage,Pragya went in she gave chocolates to all n played with them.abhi too played with them.abhi was very happy.he was mesmerised to see pragyas this childish nature. Both spent some time n went home.

Abhi was sitting in his room,when dadi came n said him to marry anyone of his mamu daughters. She said her plan of acting n bringing him here.Abhi shocked dadi rocked.

Abhi clutched his hair, both are good, I can’t say anything to reject other.ones traditional diva,others a modern diva. Whom willllll iiiiiiii chhhoooosssee.

Precap:abhis bro entry…….pragathi falling …axxxxx holding her.

Guess whom???was this epi nice if so comment more guys… Love u all.more some shots to end this.

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