Whom will I choose?? abhigya or prabhi part 5

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If u have read this story, then pls read it,I’m sure ull like it…

Abhi decided to go for a little walk, he was recalling yesterday’s evening, how beautiful pragya was,her voice was so sweet,but I feel that’s not pragya ,how can it be possible,I’m hallucinating.

Pragya was travelling in train,she said I’m back my lovely village,she was wearing a orange top with long skirt with orange lipstick, carrying a bag .

She took something from her bag n smiled with tears seeing it ,im back to even see you sis n caressed pic of two small girls,putting hands on others shoulders n smiling with teeth .she wiped her tears as next few stations will lead her to her destiny.

Abhi felt someone close to him was coming ,he fell down as pragathi bumped him due to running.pragathi was on top of him,he was feeling some tingling effects .she stood up n fidgeted her saree end then only abhi noticed her,she was wearing a green kandangi saree with pearl studs n glass bangles with small bindi on her face,she was radiant.she hided behind abhi,when someone said pragathi come out, I know you only did it………abhis mind registered the name pragathi, it was beautiful as her,so his heart was right.it was pragathi not pragya. He smiled as he saw her,being holded by ear. ,like a baby getting scoldings from dida.

After dida left,pragathi asked mama why u didn’t save me ,ur too bad she huffed n went.

Abhi heart was fluttering as someone important to him has come,in railway station someone landed with bags in hnad,the persons face is shown, its our pragya,she was walking with bags in he hand.She blushed seeing a couple,imagining abhi n herself on that position.she rushed to house n shouted dadi n hugged her.dadi was happy to see her pothi,she hugged her.dadi called pragathi ,she came n was astonished to see someone same as her face, she was immovable,when that girl hugged her. She said dadima…dadi said ladoo,shes ur sister pragya.

Pragathi hugged her,she always wanted to have a sister but she was not having, she asked why u left,u don’t like me na.pragya wiped her tears n said I love u a lot,that’s why came here,so now let’s enjoy okk sista.

Pragathi smiled n arranged room for pragya to stay, pragya went into adjacent room,thinking it was hers.she went in n threw bags n about to remove her top, when she saw someone,she was about to scream…
But that person closed her mouth,it was abhi, both were lost in each other eyes.abhi asked why r u here pragya?? How come speak something I am asking na,pragya gestured take ur hands abhi took it off,she said how did u recognise me??I’m here bcos it’s my dadi house.abhi thought I don’t know but my heart recognised you….

Pragya then noticed that abhi was shirtless only with his towel ,she blushed red.abhi realised his state ,pragya was about to move,when her leg tripped n she fell on him in bed .abhi was staring her,he moved strands that came before her face……

Time freezes, so guys did u like it,my exams are over n so masti.arjun biljani has secured more votes….i wont separate abhigya okk..smile all now pls…

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