Whom will I choose?? abhigya or prabhi part 4

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Pragathi was walking to temple,she was wearing a royal blue saree with black blouse n silver lining n plating her hair into fish tail with a little roll in front.she went inside the temple,it was like an angel coming to meet them.Her anklets made a sweet sound, her little strands dancing in air as in sync with music.All the eyes glued on her. She turned crimson red,when she saw him.Abhi was staring her with open mouth.

Abhis POV

She was walking like an Angel.oh my God, so it was not my dream pragya is here,but why she’s different. She looks so pretty ,jyat like diya.she went to stage n sat on the cloth laid for musicians, she took up the flute in her hand n began to play.Her music was so sweet,it was like we couldn’t see it, but feel it .Her mikly face with some kajal n white stone bindi made her look waahhhhh!!!!She caged me in her sweet voice as she began to sing.her voice her hair strands moving like wind chimes teasing her cute eyes,I wanted to tuck it back.yet I feel something amiss,she is not as I met her.somewhere my heart says ,shes not pragya, is it possible??? I questioned myself.

She stood up n came towards me, I felt my heart quiet, not beating fast or fluttering as when I first met her .

But my heart feel some kind of emotion,I couldn’t name it off.as soon as her legs land in slippery path,she was about to fall,when in reflex I circled my hands around her waist preventing her from fall.she’s so cute. I made her stand,she blushed n ran away.

Pragathi was feeling very happy, her heart was thumping very loud,today even dusky eve looked like a fresh morning,her heart surrounded by an unknown feeling,she was singing

Deheleez pe mera dil mein
Jo rakhe he tu be katam

Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere him sum

Na seeka mene jeena jeena
Kaise jeena na seeka kabhi tere bina him dum……

She was twirling in delight,when she bumped with abhi,she was lost in him,she smiled like an idiot n said I love you abhi ji,but image vanished as it was her imagination.she smiled widely not knowing what destiny has in store for her,whatever happens its only for good,she trusted that her kannaji(lord krishna)would always give her what she’s destined.

Here pragya was feeling more happy,she didn’t knew why, she loved abhi n loves him.she smiles like an idiotic teenage lover girl after seeing abhis image n his message

I miss you n I think I hallucinate you in my village.bye??gd ni8.

Pragya smiled as she switched off her phone to move to village,as her meeting was over,she closed her eyes wanting the moment to be faster to soon meet abhi.

What has destiny kept for her??

Precap:abhigya lovely moments n prabhi movements…….

Guys pls pardon me ,no updates for 1 week as my exam is approaching ,pls wish me luck,I’ll give more abhigya moments n prabhis too.waiting eagerly for all ur comments fingers crossed,do u like this episode.

Guys I have planned to write one more abhigya story I’ll post teaser soon,support me love u all.

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