Whom will I choose?? abhigya or prabhi part 3

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Abhi reached village with lots of happiness to see his village after a long time,but his dadi thought made him a little sad,but he was sure that his arrival will cure her.He chuckled seeing the fields where he once played…

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Little abhi was rotating the tyres with stick ,suddenly he fell down due to push by someone he fell down,he stood up with mud smeared on his face,but fell doen due to slippery mud ,while a gang of boys laughed n teased him.one boy came n hit them with stones n pushed them whole in mud.abhi laughed at them n saw his brother standing there n hugged him giving a warning to that boys.

He walked reminiscing those moments how they used to steal mangoes from uncle veraiyya garden n how they used to bunk classes.he was walking physically present but mentally absent, his mind was travelling to a different era.He bumped into a red clad person no no it was a girl no no she was an angel.air blew on her face making her beautiful face visible.Her eyes ohhh godddd!!!!!!!!!!Wait wait am I hallucinating,how can pragya be here ,she said me na that she is going to meeting. How she reached here before me,my thoughts get disturbed when that girl stood from me,she ran before I could ask her who she was???

That girl ran ,one of the girls called her pragathi di ,wait he’s the one who’s going to marry you na,a little boy asked .pragathi blushed at the mention of him. She seemed very cute with red half saree n glass bangles n pearl earrings.she was looking oh god angel,no even angel can’t stand in front of her.

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Abhi reached his dadi house,dadi hugged him so tight ,abhi said dadi are u fine?? dadi acted as coughing n said beta in order to see you only I came .

Pragathi was hiding behind a tree just opposite to abhis house n seeing him.she knew it was him who she was going to marry as dadi said her!!!

Really let’s see their destiny.

Guys in sorry I’m late I know it ,but exams next week also guys pls support me,I’ll give one more epi after that next week sorry guys plz n my angel in dark will be updated next week ,love u all.

Suggest me some hero for doing abhis bro role

Karan tacker,
Arjun biljani,
Shaheer sheik,
Parth samthan .

Guys pls vote for anyone n u can also suggest someone.

Precap:abhi reminiscing pragya n prabhi moments.

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