Whom will I choose?? abhigya or prabhi part 1

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If u have not read this story,pls read it hope u all will like it.

Abhishek khurana,a handsome city hunk comes to his hometown to meet his I’ll dadi,unknown of the storms that’s going to blow in his life.

Abhi made himself comfortable in his seat,as he was adjusting his seatbelt.After many years he’s going to his hometown, remembering old memories brought him a smile.He heard the announcement of airhostess to switch off mobile phones.He glanced his phone once seeing his dadis image before shutting it off.He put his phone in his pocket n decided to sleep for a while,as flight journey was too long. He took flight to Mumbai n then reach his village by bus or cab.He was about to shut his eyes,when he sawa girl rushing in with her bags.She was looking tensed yet beautiful. Time froze for me…..Her big doe shaped mesmerizing eyes pleading air hostess,

Thoovanam thoova thoova
Mazhai thuzhigalil unnai kandaen

Her beautiful rosy lips which muttered a sorry,that lips made an urge to kiss her

Enmela iramage uyir karaivathai nanae kandaen

Her petite figure with perfect curves made me go crazy.
Kadavul varangal tharum pala kathai ketan

I secretly wished god,to make her sit near me,while all the eyes were drooling her.she came n sat near me.

Avane varamai varuvathai engu parthen
Veru enna vendum vazhalvil…

I shifted my gaze,when I saw her noticing me.Today ,sleep was far away from my eyes.I secretly looked at her,while she was struggling to put her seatbelt.I was about to help her,but stopped.She looked at me with a cute pout n asked her help me as it was her first flight experience. I slowly locked her seatbelt,when my hands brushed her tummy sending shiverrings all over my body.I quickly withdrew my hand,when she muttered a thanks.She looked angelic.I mentally scolded myself to think about her like this.

After some time,
We had lunch, when airhostess muttered pragya come soon.pragya,her name was so beautiful as her .after returning I saw her,I started a convo with her.she introduced herself as pragya goenka.I,myself introduced abhishek khurana.when asked about air hostess,she said my friend as I always travel in this flight.she bit her tongue ,as she spilled beans.I asked so seeing a handsome guy like me,u wanted to woo me.she said stop stop ur not that much handsome ,she laughed as I gave a pout.

Pragyas POV,

When I entered the flight ,I saw him,my mama yes .my father rushed me to come soon as they were deciding on whom to get abhi married.he’s so handsome.I want to go with village along with him.But I have an important meeting,after that let me go.I love you so much…I acted as I’m trying to wear seatbelt with difdifficulty,to get his attention which was actually on me
I love you,let’s see what destiny has…..for ……u……s……..us.

Precap: flight to land in dehradoon due to bad climate.

Guys hope u all like this.

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