Who were the top actors of year 2012?

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Year 2012 has seen quite a number of hits and super duper hit movies. That makes sense that heroes and heroines of Bollywood had lot more to cherish this year. Many stars became superstars and superstars became super duper stars this year. We will take a look at who were benefited in this extremely successful financial year and who became the top actors of the chart. Here is a list of top 5 biggest performers of the year 2012.


Akshay Kumar

This year has been exceptionally well for this action hero cum comedian superstar. He has as many as five big releases under his belt this year. Almost all of the movies were successful on box office window. His films this year were Housefull 2, Rowdy Rathore, Joker, Oh My God and Khiladi 786.


Akshay Kumar is top hero of year 2012
Akshay Kumar tops the chart of the best performer of the year 2012 with as many as four hit movies.

Excluding Joker – which ultimately proved to be a box office disaster all his films made business that grossed almost 408 Crores this financial year.


Akshay was known for his action stunts in the initial phase of his career. However he gradually shifted his focus from action to comedy. This year he was a part of movies that featured his comedy as well as action aspect and that proved to be his success formula. This new formula can be called as ‘comical action’.  Though Akshay was a part of the movie ‘Joker’ which can easily be titled as a worst movie of the year, this fact can not dent his success that his other movies collectively have received. It was believed that Akshay sensed the future of Joker and hence kept himself apart from the promotional activities of the film.


Salman Khan

Undoubtedly Salman Khan emerged as the biggest superstar of the year with his back to back successful movies – Ek Tha Tiger and Dabaang 2 which collectively grossed more than 285 crores on box office.


Salman Khan gave two blockbusters this year and was worshiped by his fans.
Salman became synonym to God for his fans with his back to back two blockbuster hits this year.

This year has seen the graph of Salman’s career touching new heights. Whatever he touched simply turned into gold. Everything worked in his favor and he took all the opportunities those came into his way. He increased his popularity by hosting the popular TV reality show on Colors channel ‘Big Boss 6’. His fans on popular social networking sites have almost formed a cult that constantly fights with other groups of SRK fans. Themagic that Salman Khan has created is sure to last long for years to come.


He made a sensible decision to make a sequel of his bumper hit movie ‘Dabaang’ which was undoubtedly supposed to be blockbuster since the announcement of its making. This shows that Salman made the most of the opportunities that came his way. He was successful to win hearts of millions of the fans who range not only from lower to middle class but also belong to high profile societies.


Hrithik Roshan

Hritik followed path led by Amir Khan by signing one film at a time. Fortunately his only release – ‘Agneepath‘ fared well on box office and that made him sit amongst hit actors of year 2012. Business fetched by Agneepath was 123 Crores and Hritik could proudly flaunt off his success in the centurions list.


Hrithik Roshan gave only one movie Agneepath this year
Though Hrithik gave only one movie this year, it proved to be one of the super hit of the year!

Agneepath was a cult movie and was a remake of the Amitabh Bachchan starer hit of 90’s. Doing such a film was indeed a big risk for him as his own careers was in bad shape this year. However the bait turned out in his favor and the movie received appreciation from the audiences. He remained in the news with Hollywood beauty Kristen Stewart saying that if she had a baby, she would like him to look like Hritik.


We discussed three of the top performers of the year 2012. We will take a look at remaining two heroes who remained at the top during this year in our next post. Keep reading…


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