When Swara Bhasker interacted with her stalker

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News When Swara Bhasker interacted with her stalker

MUMBAI: MX Player will soon launch a spine-chilling take on stalking with its first psychological thriller, Hello Mini.

The series makes you experience exactly what happens when a voiceless, nameless and faceless stranger intrudes in your life.

Supporting the cause, Swara Bhasker, actress and troll destroyer, speaks up about her stalking incident and how she dealt with it.

‘I think the experience of being stalked is one of the scariest things that can happen to a person in their lives. I had a stalker in college once and I was surprised to see how nervous, scared and uncomfortable he made me. He would just keep following me and staring at me from a slight distance. One day the stalker showed up at my house at 6am and confronted my parents and asked for me and said he was in love with me. My parents were quite taken aback as well but sent him off politely. Finally, I decided to get over my fear and confront him. I actually walked up to him and told him I need to talk to him. I said whatever he is doing is freaking me out completely and that he needs

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