When love leans on you (KKB) Part 8

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Abhi was looking at her still sleeping like a baby. It had been more than 6 hours that she slept and what was more important is it is more than 6 hours that he had eaten! Yes he did looked for food in the kitchen but there was nothing except for fruits. She has to be awake for him to eat.

Abhi coming near her “ Fuggy! Wake up yaar if not Rockstar will die of hunger!” Pragya in response “ Rockstar won’t die as long I am here!” She replied in sleep.

Abhi “ Fuggy! Is this the time to tell dialogue? Save me yaar my stomach is killing me!!!” Pragya waked up with her hair messed up and smiled at him.

Abhi “ You no need to smile! Just come with me to the kitchen now!”

Pragya frowned and followed him to the kitchen when the lights went off.

Abhi “ What is this!!!!” Pragya “ Power failure Rockstar. It happens very frequently.” Abhi “Shit! Then no food ah?” Pragya “I can still cook!” Abhi “How Fuggy? Normally with your chasma itself u can’t see things clearly and now it would be worse na…” Pragya frowned hearing that.

Abhi “Okok! I am sorry, please cook for me anything! I will die if I never eat anything!” Pragya shook her head as she carefully passed him to take some candles to light up the kitchen.

Abhi seeing her lighting up the candles “ You are doing this very casually….” Pragya “Ofcourse Rockstar when this happens frequently, u get used to it!”

Abhi “ Why u never tell about this to me earlier? I would have done something about it!”

Pragya sighed and said “ You have much more better things to do Rockstar….” She said finally done with lighting up the candles.
Abhi “Just cook for me something light will do!” Pragya “ Ya right, but by seeing your face I can tell u want something heavy!”

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Abhi gave a silly smile and said “ I will eat whatever u do but make it faster if not I will be killed!” Pragya walked towards him and slapped him hard!

Abhi screamed “ Ouchhh!!! Are u trying to kill me?” Pragya “ Then stop saying I will die, I will be killed and all!” Abhi “ Does it hurt you?” Pragya nodded her head and Abhi “ I’m sorry….” Pragya moved away and carried on her work.

He noticed her working style. She had the habit of counting before starting to do something new.

Abhi saw her about to take something when he said “1, 2, 3 go!” Pragya “ You too?” Abhi chuckled and Pragya in response smiled lightly.

Abhi “ Tell me one thing, do u really want this?” Pragya “ Haan I want chilli powder for this!” She said looking at the spoon of chilli powder she was holding.

Abhi “ Damn! I am not talking about chilli powder Fuggy….I am talking about us? I mean do u really want a relation between us?” Pragya placed the spoon of chilli powder back into the container and sighed.

Pragya “ What if I say no?” Abhi “ Whatever u say is a yes to me Fuggy…” Pragya “ That means everything depends on my answer…”

Abhi “ It have been always like that right? Even when u left me, I said yes. And even now when u came back to me, I said yes.”

Pragya “ Why is that so?” Abhi “ I can’t say no to you.” Pragya “ Why is that so?” Abhi “ Hmm…maybe because u are cute and I can’t deny you and your words…” Pragya “ Why is that so?” Abhi “ Not again man!!!!” He grumbled as he walked away.

Pragya laughed and then murmured “ If u know why is this so then you wouldn’t have said yes to everything Rockstar….I want both your yes and no to me….”

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Abhi “ Tell me when the food is ready! But please don’t ask why I am asking this!!!!” He shouted from the living room breaking Pragya’s thoughts on him.

After some time,

Pragya “It’s ready!” Abhi “ Just nice even the power is back now!” Pragya smiled as he came towards the kitchen.

Abhi “ Wow! All my favourites Fuggy!” He said as his saliva was dripping from his mouth by seeing his favourite dishes prepared by Pragya.

Pragya “ I hope it’s tasty….” Abhi “ Surely it will be!” He said by taking the plate of food and gobbling it quickly.

Pragya “ Slowly…nobody is here to fight for it!” Abhi slowed down his eating pace when he asked “ You never eat?” Pragya “I am not hungry Rockstar…” She said by wiping the table.

Abhi “ No you have to eat!” Pragya “ I will eat but u eat first!” Abhi knew he can’t argue with her furthermore and he simply asked her to join him later.

Abhi sat down on the sofa with his plate of food.

Pragya came over there finishing her work at kitchen.

Abhi “ Not eating?” Pragya “Not hungry!” Abhi rolled his eyes as Pragya smiled at his reaction.

Abhi “ Nowadays u are giving this strange smile Fuggy! I don’t understand is it good or bad!” Pragya “ Smiles are never strange…
It’s strangers that smile strangely….” Abhi “ You are not a stranger to me!” Pragya “ That makes it clear na…my smile is not a strange smile!” Abhi “ Let me eat first!” He said like a child making Pragya giggle.

Abhi burped finished eating.

Pragya “ Happy?” Abhi burped again holding his stomach.

Pragya “ That means u are double happy!”

Abhi “ I am very full! Do u have guitar?”

Pragya raised her eyebrows and asked “ Do u think I am running a musical school?” Abhi “ Don’t say like that! I thought u like me so u would have a guitar with u!” Pragya “ I had!”
Abhi “ Now u don’t have?” Pragya “ RDS took it away!” Abhi shrieked “ What RDX?? YOU MEAN RDX BOMB? Were u in battlefield?” Pragya chuckling said “ No yaar RDS – Rancho Dev Singh!” Abhi “ Who the hell is he?” Pragya “ My sweet little boyfriend!” Abhi “ Oh…that guy ah? He should have grown up now. Teenager right?”

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Pragya “ Well, u can say him as young man too!” Abhi fisted his hand in jealousy.

Pragya “ Anyways he is more or less like you.” Abhi “ I am one and only Rockstar! That RDS is not like me!”

Pragya “ Acha….then tell me what u remember about me the most!” Abhi “ Your cheers!” Pragya “ You still remember that?”
Abhi “ I love them and especially when u did at the backstage!” Pragya “ But u….” Abhi “ Haan I….” He said looking at her as they reminisce the moment.

It was Abhi’s first ever rock concert performance. Pragya teased him that he is attire is torn everywhere as he claimed it as fashion.

Pragya cheered “Rockstar! Rockstar! Go on! Come on! Bring it on!! If you are not on then I am off!! Rockstar! Rockstar! Bring it on! Come on!” Abhi “Ssssssh! Too many ONs!!!!” Pragya made a pout and looked adorable as she winked at him.

Abhi “I haven’t even start performing but u are cheering for me!” Pragya “I can’t control my excitement!” Abhi hugging her said “ Fuggy! Calm down! Ok?” Pragya nodded her head as she his hug was cozy and kissed his cheek.

Pragya “It’s over!” Abhi “ Again?” Pragya “ Yes! It’s over and over again!” She yelled at his face before falling on her knees. Abhi looks on as she cries hard.

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