When love leans on you (KKB) Part 7

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Before going into the update, I would like to thank all my friends here reading and new friends like Peculiar, Vinu sharma are also commenting. Happy about it ??. Tianna, no sis I am not in wattpad as I am not familiar about it. Currently no time to get familiarize as My schedule is damn packed together with my weak body. Mythili sis for Boss I love you! ff there will be no separation of Abhi and Pragya. So no worries. Mokshi sis, fine but not fine, that’s my situation but no worries health is steadily improving. That’s what I think and hope so. Once again thank u for ur concern! Thank u everyone for all your love and support. As usual it gives me a boost whenever I feel low.

Back to the update,

Pragya was seen sitting on the sofa in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn.

Pragya “ What movie should I watch?” She pondered as she receives a message in her phone:

Headlines: Rockstar Abhi is MISSING!

Pragya reading it “So what? Everybody goes missing when they go to an unknown place! This is a very ridiculous message! I wonder who sent me this…”

She said that and placed her phone beside her.

She switched on the TV and decided to see some current affair news first.

The Breaking news said Rockstar is missing from last night from his big king-size bed!

Pragya hearing that laughed loudly and changed to another news channel. There was a discussion forum being held saying Rockstar is not missing but kidnapped while he was sleeping. While some were saying he might went to overseas to avoid getting married. Lots of news were speculating about Abhi which was entertaining to Pragya.

Finally, she switched off the TV and heard a loud sound from the kitchen.

She rushed to see what happened and saw Abhi’s face filled with flour.

Pragya burst into laughter as Abhi looked angrily at her.

Pragya “ I knew you would come here when they said u are missing!”

Abhi “You know?” Pragya “ First wash your face! Will tell u more later!” Abhi “ You will not wipe my face?” Pragya “ Nah…I know what your itchy hands will do to me! So wash your face and come to the living room!”

Abhi gave a pout as Pragya smiled teasingly before leaving from there.

Pragya “ Are u coming?” Abhi “ Haan Fuggy! 2 minutes!” Pragya “ Okay….”
Abhi came to where she was and looked at her with his arms crossed.

Pragya “ Hi Rockstar! Would u like to watch TV?” She asked politely.

Abhi “ I am damn angry Fuggy! Will u laugh like that if I went missing?” Pragya “ When did u went missing? Now u are right in front of me na…” She said by trying to take her phone which was grabbed by Abhi.

Pragya “ Rockstar! How can u take my phone? You are good rockstar right, give that back to me! I will buy for you chocolates and cakes!” Abhi huffed in anger and asked “ You are such a naughty Fuggy!” Pragya smiled “ Thanks! It’s all your blessing Guruji!”

Abhi shrieked “ Guruji!!!! I am very young to be a teacher!!!!!” Pragya “ No Rockstar guruji, age is never considered for your teachings!” Abhi “ You are diverting what i want to know!” Pragya walked passed him and he frowned giving a look of not again.

Abhi “ Where are u going?” Pragya “ Follow me!” Abhi followed her and what he saw in the room shocked him more.

Pragya “ Do u believe now? How divinely u look in this saint costume?”

It was a wall-size photo of Abhi in white kurta smiling away innocently by waving his hand.

Abhi “This is a picture from that one na?”
Pragya “ Which one?” Abhi shrieked“ Oh crap! How did u even got this? I asked my team to delete all images related to it!” Pragya smirked as Abhi “ Fuggy!” Pragya teasingly “ Yes…” Abhi “ I am gonna tear this poster now! It’s so annoying!” Pragya blocked his way and said “No way! This picture of yours always makes me peaceful!”

Abhi looked upset as Pragya smiled.

Abhi “ Please Fuggy! I know u like me but why do u have to place this poster? Why not my Rockstar avatar posters?” Pragya “ I can’t connect to them. This poster is so unique!” Abhi looking at the poster felt it was not unique. It was very irritating to him.

Abhi sighed “ It’s so unglam!” Pragya “ Hmm…Rockstar guruji, you don’t have to be glamorous to me. Simple and soothing look of yours is more than enough for me”.

Abhi “ Fuggy! Why can’t u see it’s not real? I am not looking so peaceful like that! It was a photoshoot taken to promote some meditation event! After seeing the picture I couldn’t relate to it and I asked this photos not to be leaked at any cost!!!”

Pragya innocently “ But I am used to this picture guruji….” Abhi was unable to see her getting upset. So he said “ Alright, but don’t share this with anyone!” Pragya “ Why would I share? This is only mine!” She said by running towards the poster and made a action of hugging it.

Abhi wondered why does she have to hug his poster when he himself is here!

Pragya “ Ok Rockstar! You went missing na so why not do me a favour?” Abhi “ Pragya! Is this the way u will react if I go missing for real?” Pragya “ No I will be kissing your poster when u are missing for real! Hey did u see? Kissing when Missing! How rhyming!” Abhi “ It doesn’t sound right though!”

Pragya “ Yes kind of wrong too.” She yawned as she said that and Abhi “ You never slept?” Pragya “ Haan Rockstar, I was thinking about you and sleep was unreachable to me…” She said by rubbing her eyes.

Abhi smiled at her cuteness. Pragya “ Can I go and sleep?” Abhi “ Do you always ask permission?” Pragya “ No but u are here na!” Abhi “ I don’t mind, you just go and sleep and after u wake up, Please tell me why u came back!” Pragya walking towards her room “ Look at your back then u will know why I came back….” She replied him sounding tired as he turned back to see what she was referring to.

Abhi smiled in admiration of her as he saw their photo together that was taken a couple of years back. There was a quote on it saying Being back to you is the backbone to my life….

Abhi was thinking now how to execute his plan when it backfired miserably after her casual attitude towards his news of missing.


Pragya cheered “Rockstar! Rockstar! Go on! Come on! Bring it on!! If you are not on then I am off!! Rockstar! Rockstar! Bring it on! Come on!” Abhi “Ssssssh! Too may ONs!!!!” Pragya made a pout and looked adorable as she winked at him.

I guess u all are wondering what is Pragya upto. Please wait as she is acting this way to get something that she expects from Abhi.

Once again thank u everyone for reading. I guess alot of u all happy that in kkb Abhi got his memory back too. I just hope he doesn’t lose it again haha

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