When love leans on you (KKB) Part 6

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Abhi was analyzing why is this happening to him.

Abhi “Enough of this man! Let’s break it down!”

He thought to himself by looking at the mirror.

Point number 1. Why was she kidnapped?
Point number 2. Who kidnapped her thinking she is my girlfriend?
Point number 3. Was the kidnap a set up?
Point number 4. Why does she have to do like that?

His thoughts were interrupted when Dadi called him loudly.

Abhi “ Coming Dadi!” He said by opening the door. There he was shocked to see Pragya again!

Dadi “ She wants to talk to you something…” Abhi “ But Dadi u said I shouldn’t meet her!” Dadi “ Yes but I know how desperate you will be to meet her! Just don’t cross your limits if not you will get beaten by me! And u very well know where I will beat you!” Abhi “ Dadi! How can u beat a Rockstar!!” Dadi “ For me you are just Abhi!” She said before warning him again as Pragya chuckled all the way thinking of Dadi beating poor Abhi.

Abhi “ Come in and chuckle! Pls don’t do this at the corridor!” He said pleadingly looking around to see others have not heard this.

Pragya “ Ok….” She said and entered her room.

Abhi “ Do u really want to marry me?” Pragya “Hmm…” Abhi “ What hmm? You know that Dadi is serious about this right?”
He asked in a demanding tone.

Pragya placing her handbag on his bed sat on the couch.

Abhi “ What are u looking at now? Why can’t u tell me the whys that u want me to know? You know I admit that i am very bad at finding whys!”

Pragya smiled looking at him.

Abhi “ Not again! This strange smile is haunting me! Even before our break up u smiled strangely like this!”

Pragya “ Is it that strange?” Abhi “ Yes very strange!” Pragya “Rockstar! Why can’t I marry you? Is there any problem in it?”

Abhi “There is no problem but there is points to be solved!” Pragya “ Points? What do u mean?” Abhi told his four points to her and Pragya grinned looking at him.

Abhi “ I know you would be thinking why the hell he is asking the person involved itself. But u know I don’t want to waste time thinking or finding whether u did this purposely or it was all a coincidence. I know you wouldn’t lie. You always tell me the truth when we were in love! On that basis I am telling u what I feel and I want u to tell what u want from me!”

Pragya “ I know u would tell me all this!” Abhi “ You know? How’s that possible? Are u a mind reader?” Pragya chuckling “ I know u are lazy to do detective work!” Abhi stared at her as she said “ Rockstar….All I want to say is you are very innocent but what makes u innocent is what makes me come after u now…” Abhi “ Huh? Again another puzzle!” Pragya “ No yaar….Ok think this way, why did we break up?” Abhi “ You said I don’t think I can lean on your love for support!” Pragya “ Why did I said like that?” Abhi “ How would I know? I just felt that u don’t find me good enough for u!” He said and looked away.

Pragya “ Oh dear, Rockstar baby is hurt!” Abhi “ Hello! I am Rockstar! Not Rockstar baby!” Pragya “Okok! Cool! Let’s break it down!” Abhi hearing that was surprised.

Pragya “ Point number 1. Why did we break up? Point number 2. What happened after we break up? Point number 3. Why did I come back? Point number 4. Why u never came back?”

Abhi “ Point number 4 is off! Why I never came back to u is simply because I don’t want to disturb you and your decision of leaving me!”

Pragya “ Does that mean I am disturbing u with my come back now?” Abhi loudly “ No! You are always welcomed in my life as a friend!” Pragya “ Just friend?” Abhi “ Err…even more than that too!” He gave a silly smile saying that.

Pragya smiled and was about to stand when he asked “ But u still haven’t tell me why u came back?” Pragya “ I never really came back Rockstar….Think clearly u will know what I mean….” She said by taking her handbag and leaving the room. Abhi couldn’t stop her as he was confused with her break down of thoughts.

Pragya signalled to Dadi that now she can go inside his room as she walked out of the room.

Dadi “ Abhi beta…How are u?” Abhi “Not fine Dadi! Why is she doing like this? All I ask is a simple why but she is making it a sophisticated why….” He said sadly looking at Dadi.

Dadi “ Do u like her?” Abhi “ Haan but…” Dadi “ Do u still love her?” Abhi “ Dadi, I love her as my bestie! I used to love her that way too!” Dadi “ There u see! This is your problem and this is her reason to be back!”

Abhi “ What do u mean Dadi?” Dadi explained to him something he never thought of and he looked astonished of what had happened in their lives!

Abhi “ Dadiiiiiiiii…Enough! I will deal this in my Rockstar way now!” Dadi “ Hello boy! This is your another problem! You should deal this in Awesome Abhi’s way!” Abhi “ Does she wants that way?” Dadi “I guess so…..from what I observe it’s like that…”
Abhi “ Leave this to me Dadi, I will show her how good I am!”

Pragya overheard them by standing behind the opened the door.

Pragya “ Will he change? Always getting help from others! Never mind, let me see how he will deal this in his way…” She thought that by smirking.

She then takes out a piece of paper that says If this moment is my life then which moment is my love?

Pragya “Only God knows that when he will write this kind of lines again!” She murmured to herself while walking down the stairs.

Pragya receives a message:
Headlines: Rockstar Abhi is MISSING!

Thank u everyone for reading this and hope to update the next one soon.

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