When love leans on you (KKB) Part 5

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Happy Eid! Eid Mubarak! Hope this day of festive brings lots of happiness and blessing to everyone celebrating this day! ??

Pragya “ Where is she?” She asked by getting conscious. Abhi “Who?” Pragya “ She na..My dost!” Abhi “ Fuggy! If anyone faints and gets conscious they will ask Where am I? But u are asking where is she!!!!” Pragya holding her head said “ That’s so typical! It only happens in movies and dramas! Now tell me where is she!!” Abhi “ I really don’t know who is the she u refer to!” Pragya “ Oh god! She na…she was hopping around! She is white too!” Abhi “ Hopping around? White?” Pragya “ Arrey baba, I saw her and fainted!” Abhi “ Rabbit ah! Why can’t u say that directly!”

Pragya gave a puppy face and looked around.

Abhi “ You want her?” Pragya “ Haan but not now….” Abhi “ Why?” Pragya “ I want her at the same place I lost it….” Abhi “ Where u lost her?” Pragya “ You find that out!” Abhi “ Why me? And how can I even find where u lost when I just got to know that u lost it!”
Pragya “ Who are u?” Abhi “ Rockstar!” Pragya “ So a Rockstar can’t even find this out?” She asked by challenging him.

Abhi “ Fuggy…you are telling as if I am a cop who finds missing things! I am a Rockstar yaar, who spreads music to the world!” Pragya crossing her arms said “ I don’t know! You are Rockstar and find this out!” Abhi “ Acha baba tell me at least when u lost her!” Pragya “ Hmm…about a year ago…” Abhi shrieked “ A year ago! That’s very long!” Pragya smiled & pulled his cheeks.

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Abhi “ Ouch! What are u doing?” Pragya “ You look cute when u say something in shock! I can’t control myself by pulling your chubby cheeks!”

Abhi rubbing his cheeks looked at her strangely as she smirked more and asked him to get back to recording since she is here.

Days passed with this same routine of Pragya accompanying him wherever he goes. Seeing this Dadi was happy for them. She decided to make their wedding arrangements to a closer date. She wanted them to go out together as husband and wife.

As for Abhi, after knowing about Dadi’s decision he was clueless. Until now, he was still not sure why Pragya is like this. Does she want him in her life? Or is she just trying to make fun of him?

That day he asked her to come down to his guest house and she too came there.

Pragya “ Hey Rockstar! Why guest house? Am I a guest to u?” Abhi sitting on a chair looked up at her intensely.

Pragya “ What happened? Why are u looking like that?”

Abhi remained silent and walked towards her as she stood there with a puzzled look.

Abhi took the handbag from her hand and threw it away.

Pragya “Oye Rockstar! How can u throw my bag? I am hurt!”

Abhi smiled lightly before carrying her in his arms. Pragya “ Arrey! I am not your weights that u carry in the morning! Let me down!” In response, he never said anything except for smiling widely.

He walked towards the bedroom making Pragya shocked.

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Abhi placed her on the bed and he smirked more.

Pragya waking up from the bed “ You are crossing your limits! Is this the way u will behave or think?” Abhi “ Why not? Dadi is in the process of getting us married so….I thought….” He said by grabbing her waist.

Pragya “ Chee! You know what! This is all your cheap tricks to clear your confusion! I know that!” She said by pushing him away onto the bed and running towards the door.

Pragya “ If you want to know why I am back then try to think of why you are even here!”

Abhi “ Pragya! I didn’t mean to….” Pragya “ I know u didn’t mean to…anyways I know how good u are as an actor too!”

Abhi “ Wait Fuggy! I want to talk to u!” He said by waking up from the bed as Pragya walked ahead hurriedly.

Before he could stop her, Dadi was already there and looked at him fiercely.

Dadi “ What’s the hurry that u need to be here with her? I said I am discussing with the pandits for a suitable marriage date right?” Pragya “ Haan Dadi! I told him that too but he said he can’t wait that long!”

Dadi “ Abhi!!! How impatient are u! From now onwards I will not allow u to meet Pragya like this!” Abhi was shocked as Pragya smiled inwardly again of her achievement.

Pragya and Dadi left by talking something as Abhi stood there and looked clueless of her action. He ponders what does she want from him, Is it love or his life? Why is she giving puzzles!!!

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If this moment is my life then which moment is my love?

Thank u everyone for reading! Hope u all like this too!

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