When love leans on you (KKB) Part 3

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Friends! Important announcement: Not sure will be able to give updates regularly as I am not feeling well recently. On top of that I have lots of work to be done too. Hope u all will understand my situation.

Back to plot,

Abhi thought to ask her again but the thought of her asking him back questions made him back out.

In the car,
Pragya “ Then it means you were going to marry Meethu?” Abhi “ Haan if all went well then I would have marry her….” He said by stopped driving as they reached her place. Pragya “ She looks attractive right?” Abhi “ Yes but how did u know?” Pragya “ That day you were with her…..” She said remembering Meethu’s moans of pleasure as Abhi touched her.

Abhi “ Well, I had agreed to spend time with her like any other girls in my life.” Pragya “ Is that so? Then why did u never ever did like that to me?” Abhi was stunned at her question.

Pragya “ Rockstar! You were in a relationship with me but your touches on me were very gentleman type. Why is that so? What I remember is a kiss that u gave me is the ultimate closeness between us!”

Abhi “ It was not a kiss!” Pragya “ Ok! It was a lip-lock!” Abhi shrieked “ No! It was just a peck!!” Pragya “ Yes Rockstar but why? Why do u hesitate to be close to me?” Abhi mentally thought she had started her why sayings again!

Pragya “ Too many whys today. But I just want to ask u why this partiality towards me?” Abhi “ You know I have my own limits too. I don’t really do the extreme ways of touching girls.” He said to justify himself.

Pragya “ Teek hai but my point is not that. Why you never touch me like others?” Abhi “ Because you are different. They don’t mind but you will mind as you are not like them!” Pragya looking surprised “ That much you know about me. But why?” Abhi “ Oh Pragya! We were together before and how can I not know about u? I am not some amnesia patient to forget what happened between us!”

Pragya smiled widely hearing that and got down from the car leaving Abhi clueless about her strange smiles.

He also got down and asked “ Where is your house?” Pragya “ It’s there where it is supposed to be. Anyways thanks for the drive!” Abhi smiled back and she beginned to walk while Abhi followed her.

Pragya turning back “ Rockstar! Why are u following me? Wanna try to touch me ah?” She asked by looking with mischievousness in her eyes. Abhi “ Meri Ma it’s getting dark! I am just accompanying u for your safety!” Pragya looked down and said “ I am not a baby! I won’t get lost in darkness…” As she said that, Abhi found her damn cute. He felt like hugging her at that moment.

Abhi, Oh no! First time I am having hugging thoughts of her. To make it worse her stomach is very beautifully seen in the brightness of street lights. Why does she have to wear this kind of saree in the first place!!!

Pragya looked up at him and saw him in deep thoughts.

Pragya “ I am going!” Abhi “ I am coming Fuggy!”

Pragya “ No you don’t have to!” She said and walked fast as he tried to catch up with her.

Suddenly, she ran back towards him and went behind him. She clutched his shirt and looked extremely nervous.

Abhi “ What happened Fuggy?” Pragya “ Look there!” She pointed at a direction & Abhi was shocked to see a huge fierce-looking dog.

Abhi “ It’ so scary…..” * Dog barks!*

Pragya “ You are also scared? Oh my god! Rockstar itself is scared then who will save me????” Abhi “Shut up Fuggy! I am not scared! I just said it looks scary!” Pragya “ Okok! Do something and chase it away!”

Abhi in a shaky voice “Mr Dog! This is not fair to scare us! We are innocent souls!” *Dog barks at them* Pragya “ Can u throw something on it and chase it away instead of talking to it!” *Dog barking louder* Abhi “ No I can’t na! I am doing concert for blue cross next week!” Pragya pinched his waist making him scream that made the dog run away. Pragya laughed thinking even dogs don’t like his voice but ironically he is the Rockstar!

Abhi pulling her in front “ What was that? You pinched me!!!” Pragya “ Actually I just tried and it worked out!” She said proudly by patting herself on shoulder.

Abhi “ What the hell? What if my waist gets hurt?” Pragya pleasantly said “ Main hoon na, I will do massage for you…” Abhi getting the thoughts of her massaging him smiled making Pragya ask “ Imaginations are inevitable right?” Abhi coming back to senses “ You are talking too much!” Pragya “ Then I will try to talk one much!” Abhi shook his head at her banterings as he followed to her house.

Pragya before going towards her house “ Rockstar….” Abhi looked at her as the way she called was very genuine.

Pragya “ I know I am confusing you. But think about the whys in your free time. You will understand why am I doing this. Maybe you might get a how to deal with this in the process of thinking.” Abhi nodded his head and was about to say something when Pragya came closer to him and kissed lightly on his lips.

Abhi was motionless of her action. Pragya blushed and ran towards her house.

Abhi, What was this? When did she became so bold to kiss me???

Pragya closing the door breathe heavily of thinking about her kiss to him. She was very much excited that she felt like shouting I love you Rockstar!

Abhi slowly walked back towards his car still not recovered from the feel of her kiss. It was not a long passionate kiss but he was getting the thoughts of kissing her now.

Abhi, I just wanna know what is making her to do like this? Will I know?

Pragya texted him saying Good night Rockstar! Sweet dreams with whys!

Abhi reading the message grinned thinking how desperate is she about the whys!

Abhi “ You are looking like a potato!” Pragya screeched “ What kind of compliment is this?” Abhi “ It’s real Fuggy when I saw u from far it reminds me of Potato!” Pragya turned away feeling hurt of his compliment.

Abhi “ You know like potatoes look dry and boring from outside but when cooked they are tasty!” Pragya “ I can’t be cooked!” Abhi gave a witty smile as Pragya looked clueless.

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