When love leans on you (KKB) Part 2

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It was celebration party at Mehra mansion for Abhi’s recent album hit. Pragya didn’t miss this chance and went there as the uninvited guest.

Abhi seeing her flawless beauty in black could only have jaw dropped.

She from a distance gestured him to close his mouth.

He came closer to her. Abhi “You too in black today?” Pragya smiled widely in response. Abhi “ Why do u always do like this?” Pragya “ What did I do?” She asked innocently.

Abhi “ Matching! Matching!” Pragya remembered this happened whenever they attended any events together. It was never planned by them but they always dressed up in matching colors as if they were like couples complimenting each other.

Pragya “How long will u talk to me? Guests are waiting so….” Abhi “ You meet me at my room later at 7pm. No outside the room beside the storeroom! Ok? I need to talk to u in private!”

Pragya blushed hearing that and before Abhi could say it was not with a wrong intention he was called by the press people and had to leave seeing Pragya’s crimson red cheeks in shyness.

Abhi managed to answer the press people with his usual taunts but whenever he looked at Pragya stealing a glance at him, he muttered some meaningless words.

The press people chuckled and he ended up saying they are words for his new song.
Finally the time reached 7 pm and he managed to head towards the place he had to meet her.

She was facing the door with her back exposed to him. Standing an inch away from her he tried to focus himself and said “ Turn behind Fuggy! I really need to know what’s running in your mind?”

Pragya turned and smiled even more.
Pragya “ Oye Rockstar! How are u resisting yourself well when I am in front of u?” Abhi “ Look Fuggy, now I am a successful rockstar not someone who is young enough to play with girls like u!” Pragya “ Lie! Then what was going on with Meethu?” She said by placing her hands on his stomach.

Abhi shrieked “ What are u doing?”
Pragya coming even more closer to him and says in a seductive tone“ Why have you lost weight at your belly? Did u miss me badly?”

He was getting affected by her touch and that’s when he notice Dadi looking at them.

Abhi “ Fuggy! Step back! Dadi is looking at us!” Pragya had nothing to reply, she hugged him again passionately making Abhi look nervously at Dadi.

Pragya “ You are so handsome today!” Abhi “ Oh god! Do u know what will happen now?” Dadi “ Abhi!!!” She screamed making Abhi breaking away from her hug.

Pragya adjusted herself and looked down innocently as if she had didn’t do anything wrong.

Dadi came near them raging with anger.

Dadi “ Is this why i agreed to marry Meethu few months later?” Abhi “ Dadi! Don’t get me wrong. I do agree for that marriage and
….” He said looking at Pragya who was in tears by looking down.

Dadi “ How can u Abhi cheat yourself? You still love her! If not why would u invite her here and recently going out with her!” Pragya smiled inwardly of her plan working out.

Abhi “Dadi! It’s not like u are thinking! I can explain!” Dadi “ Enough! I am not listening to u anymore! You two are getting married!”

Pragya looked up at her helplessly.

Dadi “ See Abhi, how innocent she looks. She is so naive and u are trying to cheat her feelings.” She said by giving a unbelievable look.

Abhi “ Pragya! Why are u silent? Tell the truth that u wanted to accompany me!”

Dadi “ What did u say? Accompany u? U think are baby or what? You have big fat bodyguards to accompany u and u expect her to accompany as if u are baby! Haan baby na for a wife her husband is a first baby!”

Abhi gasped in shock of Dadi’s words as Pragya hugged Dadi and whispered something in her ears.

Abhi wondered what she was burning inside Dadi’s ears.

In response, Dadi said “ Drop her at home! You made her travel lonely from such a far place!”

Abhi first said no then yes as Dadi threatened him to call the press people and announce his marriage now itself if he never agrees.

Abhi walked ahead as Pragya followed him looking nervous.

Dadi asked her to be not scared and go with him. If anything happens Dadi ask her to feel free to call.

Abhi sitting inside the car waited for Pragya and thought, Why is she doing like this? Yes I know loved her but she was the one said we have to break up. I did as per wish. Now when I want to live my life as per my wish, she is coming back and making everything as per her wish!

Pragya soon came and looked at him in deep thoughts.

Abhi “ Faster come in!” Pragya “ Okay sweetheart!” Abhi rolled his eyes hearing that and she sat beside him.

He drove in complete silence as she gave instructions to her place.

Pragya “ This is much of silence is not good for health Rockstar!” Abhi “ Now u are ready to marry me?” He asked straight to the point.
Pragya “ Is that wrong?” Abhi “ It’s not about wrong or right. But why? Why now?” Pragya “ Why?” Abhi “ Never mind! You always give me questions instead of answers to divert me!” Pragya “ You still remember that?” Abhi “ I never forget anything related to u!” Pragya excitedly “ Why Rockstar?” Abhi “ Why means? It’s just that I can’t forget it!” Pragya again “ That’s why WHY?” Abhi “ Why why??? Is this Why day today??” Pragya seeing his frustration chuckled and Abhi gave a trying to control himself look.

Pragya patiently said “Listen Rockstar, why means it is not why it’s more of why to why.” Abhi “ My head is spinning now.” Pragya “ Ok let me tell u clearly, why I do like this is one why but what made it happen to be a why is another why!” Abhi gave a deadly stare before looking straight at the road and increasing the speed of the car.

Pragya “ Hmm…still not clear! I will give simple example. Now u are driving. Why u are driving is one why but why u drive with me by your side is another why na…at the same time why this why happened is another why!”

Abhi “ Leave this whys, tell me where were u before this?” Pragya “ I worked at Y studios for a short period of time.” Abhi screeched “ Again another why!!!” Pragya “ No this is alphabet y!” Abhi “ Meri Ma please close your mouth! I have enough of your whys!!” Pragya giggled as Abhi looked clueless of how to crack her why she is after him now.

Pragya hides behind Abhi when she sees a dog. Abhi in a shaky voice “Mr Dog! This is not fair to scare us! We are innocent souls!” *Dog barks at them* Pragya “ Can u throw something on it and chase it away instead of talking to it!” *Dog barking louder* Abhi “ No I can’t na! I am doing concert for blue cross next week!” Pragya pinched his waist making him scream that made the dog run away. Pragya laughed thinking even dogs don’t like his voice but ironically he is the Rockstar!

Thank u everyone for reading once again. So lot of u guessed its me by seeing the title. That’s so sweet of u all. Abhi is not bad here. He is just like in kkb who is confused for almost everything. It’s just that he will be naughty at times but not as much as Pragya. She is more naughty here. Ok let me try to finish this in few more parts as this is a very short story. Thank u once again for reading!

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