When love leans on you (KKB) Part 1

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When love leans on you, you tend to lean on the love itself not because of it’s impact but because of the support that it gives you.

So let’s see how love leans on the two individuals lean on love.

In a dilapidated house,

“Faster call him! How long we can keep her here?” He said loudly to his friend.

In response, he called Abhi the rockstar.

Abhi “Hello!” Man “ Abhi! We have your girlfriend under custody! Do u want her?” He asked by giving a witty laughter.

Abhi hugging Meethu “ Which one?” Man “ Which one? What do u mean?” Abhi “ Oh man! I have so many girlfriends! Even now I am with one!” He said and kissed Meethu’s cheek. Meethu gestured asking who is on the line. Abhi gestured back as don’t know.

Man “ Abhi! Stop playing with us! We have kidnapped your girlfriend! She is also repeating your name non-stop!”

Abhi “ It should be my fan yaar…Do u know u are disturbing me? I can sue u for this!”

Meethu “ Baby! End the call na….” She said by nuzzling his neck.

Man made the girl kidnapped to speak.

Girl “ Abhi! Abhi! I am so scared Abhi…can u hear me? Come and save me Abhi…” She pleaded for help with worry and nervousness.

Abhi was taken aback by her shaky voice.

Abhi slowly moved Meethu away and asked “ Who are you?”

Girl “ I know you Abhi! You know me too! I AM YOUR Girlfriend!” Abhi “ You don’t play with me! I don’t have any one particular girlfriend! I am ABHI the ROCKSTAR! Just say to that man that u are not my girlfriend then they will leave u!” Girl was persistent and said “ You are my boyfriend! I have the proof with me!” Abhi mocked “ Proof? Like hugging me? Or having autograph from me?” Girl “No! It’s like you kissing me and you sleeping with me!” Abhi shrieked and asked “ Are u serious? Wait! Are u blackmailing me now?” Girl “ Idiot! I am here in danger and you are talking like this!”

Abhi “ What do u want?” Girl “ Come and save me if not I will pass the proofs to the idiot here and whole world will know that u are in love with me!”

Abhi hearing that jerked but he never showed it off.

Abhi “ Do whatever u can! I am a Rockstar!”
Girl “ Then see you phone in 5 mins! The trailer is coming!”

Abhi ignored her words and ended the call.

He was now roaming his hands on Meethu’s waist and enjoying his time with her.

Meethu “ Your phone is vibrating baby…” She said by seductively touching his face.
Abhi “ Let that vibrate….My body is vibrating on your touch…” Meethu chuckled as she took his phone and checked the whatsapp.

Meethu screeched “ What is this??”
Abhi “ What’s that?” Meethu “ See yourself!” He show the pictures and was shocked to see him kissing someone intensely.

Abhi “ It’s not me!” Meethu “ I know rockstars like you do like this! Is this why u call me here before marriage?” She asked followed by scolding him badly.

Abhi “ Stop it!! She is really a mad fan! Let me deal her in my way!!!” He said and Meethu left from there in anger.

Abhi called back the number that he received call earlier and heard screams of the girl pleading to call him once again.

Man “ You called now? We were almost about to kill her!” Abhi “ Where is the place and what is the ransom for this?”

Man “ That’s fast! Hey girl Rockstar is coming to save u!” He said looking at that girl.

Abhi “ Can u make it faster?” Man “ I will message u the address and the ransom details!” Abhi “ Ok Bye!” He said with utmost frustration.

An hour later he reached the place and looked at the house. It seems to be like ghost house to him. Braving himself he stepped inside house asking “ Where the hell is she?”

Man “ Leave the money on the table and your girl is already outside now.”

Abhi “ Damn you! I will get back my money back!” He said by placing the briefcase on the table. That’s when he heard some ghostly sounds and whispers which made him run out of the house until he collided with the girl!

Abhi was still closing his eyes in fear when the girl hugged him to the fullest of herself.

Abhi “ Is there ghosts inside? It’s so scary for me to stay here!” Girl soothingly “ Then let’s leave from here na…” Abhi realized he was in someone’s embrace and he broke the hug by pushing her.

He looked at the girl whom he actually knew of!

Abhi “ Pragya???” Pragya “ Ya!” Abhi “ I thought we broke up already!” Pragya “ Really? Is that so?” Abhi “ We did na….You said u can’t lean on me for love anymore!”

Pragya “ Well, I did say so but something made me have a comeback in your life.” Abhi doubtfully “ Comeback??” Pragya “ Yes!” Abhi “ First let’s leave from here…” He said trying to look brave.

Pragya smiled. He opened the back door but she opened the door to sit beside the driver’s seat. She want to sit beside him.

Abhi looked shocked and Pragya gestured him to drive fast.

Days passed and Pragya was sticking to him like a glue wherever he goes. He thought she would tell the reason of why she is back but instead she wanted to accompany him wherever he goes. He didn’t know how to deny her as her innocence always kills him.

At one instance what she asked made him totally puzzled.

Pragya “ Did u sing like this always? I thought u used to sing soulfully before….”
Abhi “ You mean it is not soulful now?” Pragya “ Not much as before…” Abhi “ I do sing with all love….” Pragya “ With all love but for who?” Abhi “ Err…Fans…They make me live my life now…” Pragya “ That is like u owe them for your living but there is no love na…” Abhi “ What are u trying to say Fuggy? Please be clear na…” Pragya “ You see when u first sing then I was there beside you! Do u remember that?” Abhi “ You were not beside me!” Pragya “ Acha baba, I was not beside but in front of u! At the front row of audience!” Abhi “ Right!” Pragya “ Remember u even sing and then gave flying kiss!” Abhi “ I do that now too!” Pragya “ But at who? Not like before where it is towards a particular person!” Abhi giving a clumsy look “ It’s not like that…” Pragya “ It is like that! Socho na! Then u will know!” She walked away saying that and gestured from a distance asking him to pick her up tomorrow at the same place that they meet everyday.

Pragya comes closer to him and says in a seductive tone“ Why have you lost weight at your belly? Did u miss me badly?” Abhi “ Fuggy! Step back! Dadi is looking at us!” Pragya had nothing to reply, she hugged him again passionately making Abhi look nervously at Dadi.

This crossed my mind quite some time back. How was it? Hope it was nice if not sorry for the ecanbrubsid!?This is few parts too. This might finish by next part as well if I have time to type the whole thing.

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