What If Characters of KKB Had intelligence

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Kumkum bhagya is One of the oldest shows belonging to Ekta Kapoor, airing on Zee TV.

Now the characters of the show are just like garbage, they stink!

Now what if those pieces of garbage had a chance to be recycled.

Abhi: I dont know what is wrong with aaliya but i should probably kick her out after getting her divorced with Purab, she is getting on my nerves lately.And i should probably kick rhea out of  the house after what shit she has done.

Pragya: I dont think i should let aaliya get on mine and prachi’s nerves, she is useless anyways. Rhea should go to the therapist after what aaliya has done. Anyways aaliya should be moving into a mental asylum before she kills a person thinking about Purab.

Prachi: I am supposed to be shouting at pallavi aunty, she believes anything against me.and she should really learn about rhea after all the shit she has done. that girl is fit to go with her pagal booji to a mental asylum. and i shouldnt be shouting at ranbir all my life, he will forget he is my fiance and instead treat me like a lecturer. Rhea is mad anyways.

Ranbir: I should really tell prachi to calm down, she blabbers like an idiot always doing chik-chik. And mom should stop manipulating me, or after marriage i will be done with rhea. She is always sticking to me like chewing gum, her ego is very loud, who knows when i will be deaf hearing her.

Rhea: i should stop listening to pagal booji, she is mad since her birth. And i should let ranbir live in peace, he might break his friendship with me. and i should tell dad about booji she keeps manipulating me.

Aaliya: Purab has been rejecting me lately oh well i can leave him, there are soo many people better than purab khanna. I will let aryan live with purab and disha, i have 1 less responsibility then.

Purab: This aaliya is mad, sticking like double sided tape, no matter how much you reove glue from one side other side will have glue, and i should be going back to disha, she was a better wife, and i will take aaryan with me, dont know when he will start rotting like aaliya.

well if the characters actually had brain, the show wouldn’t have a bad plotline

but mad woman ekta can’t bear united people (which is insane cuz her name has the word ekta which means together in it)

Anyways i have wrote a bit too much

so will end it here


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