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First of all I thank u everyone for commenting for m y update . I hope u would like this like update . destiny is waiting them to unite .will that happen ,lets see.ok back to the story
A : “I don’t belive in god ,I came her e only for my sister aaliya .thats all.”
P : “ok,but u have come here to mandir and why dont u try coming .”
A : “uI don’t want tocome there .dont compel me .”
P : “ ok not for me then why cant u come inside for ur sister aaliya .she will happy.just do it for ur sisters happiness .”
A : “ok.”
Aaliya sees abhi coming in and totally get shocked .and after yhe arti they come outside and aaliya calls bulbul and pragya home for dinner .by the time abhi leaves .
In abhis home abhi sees pragya and bulbul coming there and gets surprised.
P : “hello aaliyacan i come in .”
Aaliya : “why this formality just come in na di”
Aaliya goes there and brings them to dining table.
Pragya greets dadi and takes blessings from her .soon all have their dinner .they all have fun.abhi is still shocked and keeps staring at her .
P: “ its been too late aaliya .i think I should leave .”
B : “ha aaaliya di is right and maa is alone there and she would be waiting there for us .”
Dadi : “ pragya its already late and it s not safe as it is raining outside .u both stay today and inform sarla ji about this .”
Aaliya : “yes bulbul dadi is right .just stay here na it will be fun and its heavily raining outside .i will tell to sarla ma .she will aceept it .”
P : “ its okay aaliya we will stay here some other day . we will leave now .”
Aaliya : “ arey no di.bhai tell them na .why r u silent and whyr u staring her like this .”
A : “u both stay here and it s heavily raining outside.” And he leaves .
Aaliya : “ bhai also said it u both should stay here”
P : “ ok”

Pragya calls ma and tell her about staying there and maa accepts this.
Aaliya : “u both can sleep in my room come on na .” and they all leave
Here in abhi room, he is lost in thoughts thinking about pragya and thinks why did I apologise to her while the mistake was on her .
He comes to aaliya s room to say her goodnight and sees pragya there and stands there .
Aaliya sees him and asks him to come in .
Aaliya : “bhai why r y standing out come inside na .”
A : “goodnight aaliya .” and leaves .

In morning
P : “ I will leave aaliya .its already late and I should go as I have an imp work .”
Aaliya : “ok di .”
Pragya and bulbul come home .bulbul leaves to college while pragya is leaving out .
Here in abhis mansion
Abhi is busy making his songs and leaves out
Abhi comes to his office to attend a meeting . while returning home abhi sees pragya in the road. pra .
Pragya is seen talking to someone seriously and looks tensed.abhi gets down from the car and goes to talk to her but she leaves in a hurry .abhi sees pragya sad
In arroras villa
Pragya is sad and looks tensed .
S : “ pragya why r u sad and u r looking tensed .”
Pragya hugs her and cries a lot without telling her nothing and keeps on crying .
S : “ what happened pragya .stop srying and tell me .”
P : “ ma , I have lost my job ma”
S : “ what are u telling pragya .”
P : “ I dint know what to do.what r we gng to do”
S : “ just leave it pragya .my pragya is not that much weak .just search for another work .my pragya is strong and she will not accept her defeat easily .”

PRECAP : Pragya to visit abhis office

Thank u all for ur comments .hope u like this update .pls leave ur comments both plus and minus are accepted.

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