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Hello everyone ,tq u all for ur comments .it keeps me encouraging me everytime for the next update .ok back to the story.
When abhi gets to know that the girl who he spoke in phone was pragya he was shocked and was staring at her .

P: “why r u staring at me like like this?”
Abhi came to senses.
A: “no.i’m not.” and he left.
Pragya was standing there this time she was very much angry with him amd she too left.
Here I introduce a new charactar who u all know and it s none other than abhis best friend PURAB.
In abhis mansion(at night)
A : “hello purab .r u free ? can u come here now.i wnt to tell u a imp thing”
Pu : “hi abhi.sure I will be there within 10 min.ok”
As purab reached to abhis mansion,he walked straight to abhis room and saw him perplexed sitting in the sofa

Pu: “hey abhi whats the matter u wanted to tell it to me urgently and that too at this time .(now the time was striking 12)
A : “sit .i will tell u what happened to me and started to tell about PRAGYA
And he narrared the whole story to purab which happened to him from the previous night.and purab was totally shocked and was having a funny face towards abhi .
A : “just stop it yaar.and help me .pls . I do not know how to handle .”
Abhi and Purab were best fnds from childhood and they were like brothers.both helped them themselves. I should

Pu : “I think u should apologise to pragya.”
A : “ what! I am arockstar and should I apologise to a girl”
Pi : “I know ur a rockstar but it doesn’t mean that u should not say sry to pragya and u have also scolded her 2 times .so I think its better to ask sry to her when u see her next time.”
A : “really should i?”
Pu : “yes”
A : “I do not know how to handle girls.better I well send a sry msg to her in phone.”
Pu ; “no yaar.it will not bee nice.next time when u see her just apologise to her.”
In aroras villa the next morning
Pragya used to goto mandir with her ma and bulbul.

After having breakfast they all went to near by mandir .
In abhis mansion
Dadi : “beta ,aaliya wahe wants to go to mandir.go with her now.she wants u too accompany her.”
A : “ no dadi,I would accompany aaliya to someother place but not to mandir .i don’t like gng there dadi.u know it very well na”
Dadi : “I kmow it beta aaliya wants u t accompany her .and it s her order and I cant help u in this”
A : “ where is aaliya.i will talk to her .”
Aaliya : “bhai.i am here I heared what u were talking to dadi i will not accept it .u should come with me chalo chalo bhai.”
A : “ok only today”
In mandir
Aaliya sees her best friend bulbul and calls her .
Aaliya : “ hi bulbul u here .where is ur elder sis pragya and sarla aunty” and abhi was busy seeing his phone and did not hear what they were talking .
Bulbul : “ they r coming.”

But to abhis surprise it was pagya in the temple and was shocked too see her.
P : “hi aaliya is he ur brother standing near u .”
Aaliya : “ yes di,(she used to call pragya as di)heis my brother.”
Abhi was thinking whethere to apologie or not bit finally made his mind
And all left to do aari but abhi was standing there .pragya was about to go but then suddenly he holded pragya hand .
A : “I m sry ms pragya .for hurting u in the concert and for shouting in phone too.” Said it caually

Pragya was totally shocked and pragya was trying to make herself free and abhi looked at it and and left her hand.
P : “ its ok mr abhi” said in a low tone and till now so he was not able to belive it and called him inside the mandir .
A : “I do not belive in god and I dint like cmg here .i came her only for my sister.

PRECAP: pragya to visit abhis home and ,……………(surprise}

Thank u everyone for commenting and also for the silent readers.pls leave ur commrnts,both plus and minus are accepted bye.

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