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First of al tq very much for all ur support .hope u all like this update .lets see what has destiny decided for the two poles.ok back to the story.

In pragyas home
The episode starts with pragya having angry face on abhi.suddenly pragya gets a call from her friend isha whom she wanted to call.as she recived the call and started to talk and isha was her best friend and she shared all her sorrows and happiness to her .
I: “hi pragya .how r u?why u didn’t call me .i was waiting for ur call.”
P: “oh sry isha.t thought to call u but I dialed a wing num and it s a big story.ok leave it tell me whats the matter u wanted to talk to me in home”
I: “pragya,actually it is I wanted to give treat to all of our friends as my birthday is tmw.so I wanted u to join .u should join at 6 at evening.i will come and pick u up. ok bye”
P: “ok isha sure bye .”
In abhis mansion.

He was very much happy as his concert was the next day and he was preparing his songs .
The next day
Pragya was ready andshe was simply beautiful with her red salwar kameez and isha picked her up.pragya asked where is the party and isha replied in hotel.
Isha likes rockmucic very much and was a fan of the rockstar abhi.
But isha knows that pragya did not like rockmusic but took her to abhis concert instead to hotel .

Prahya was perplexed and asked isha “where r e now,u told me that we are going to hotel but u have brought me to this concert.”
I: “pragya ,I wanted u to come here so I just tht we r gng t hotel sry.”
P: “what is this isha? .isha u know that I hate rockmusic then why did u bring me here .i am leaving isha.”

I: “I know it pragya .but pl stay here with me know.belive me it will be fun and I know u would like it .its a concert of the great rockstar abhi.i am a very big fan of abhi.”
P: “however. ok I will be here”
Pragya was thinking about the rockstar and then she remembered the fight they had in the phone and was lost in her thoughts.
Then there was then entry of the great rockstar abhi in the stage with his guitar and all his fans were shouting and screaming in joy and happiness .suddenly pragya heard the noise and came back to her senses and watched abhi in the stage waving his hands towards his fans.soon the concert started.

Pragya murmured herself .
P: “being a rockstar how can he talk to a girl like to me especially to me and she was scolding him in her mindand was about to leave but isha noticed that and told pragya not to leave from here .
Pragya was there just for the sake of her friend isha. Pragya was keep on remembering the words of abhi in the phone and was lost on her thoughts again and was walking towards the backstage without knowing.fortunately or unfortunately abhi was also in the backstage busy in a phone call
Pragya saw him and was shocked and she got freezed.

Abhi too saw her and was mesmerized to see a beautiful girl like her.suddenly a phone interrupted pragya and picked it up and answered the c all ans she ended the call.isha came there in search of pragya and saw both and called PRAGYA and went near her and saw abhi and isha told that “ I am a great fan of u and asked can I take a selfie with u”
A: “sure.” And they took selfie .
Isha introduced pragya to abhi and said she is my friend,pragya.

A: “hi, pragya”.
P : “hi mr abhi” soon isha left them alone
Suddenly abhi remembered the girl in the phone and recognized the voice of pragya and left.pragya was holding aglass f juice which isha gave to her .she too left.both walked towards the same direction and pragya mistakenly dashed abhi and juice spilt on abhis face.
P : “sry mr abhi.i did not do it knowingly and was leaving.”
A: “ruko ms pragya.how dare u spill the juice on my face” said it angrily wiping his face seeimg pragya.

P: “I said sry and told it was mistakenly happened and why r u shouting at me like that and said and told u scolded me in thephone same way yesterday”
A: “is it u who called me yesterday and how dare u?”


Hope u all like it .there are twists and turns awaiting for them lets see how is destiny bring the 2 poles together.pls leave ur comments.both plu and minus are accepted. Tq u all who r commenting and also to the silent readers.bye

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