Wedding Season- Short Character Sketch and Summary

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Hello everyone, apologies for not posting! Was on holiday but am now back with a new FF. Hope you like it

Wedding Season

Featuring: #RuSha, #MaAn, #ShiVi, #AbiRa


  • The 4 couples tuck their children into bed
  • Kids ask their parents to read them a story of how their parents met (Episode 1- How I Met Your Mother)
  • Flashback into 8 years back:


  • Went to same college
  • Anuj was bad boy/cool/rich kid, Anu was nerd who always wanted to learn
  • Met via their friends who set up a blind date for them on a cliff and planned a fake accident (Anuj’s plan)


  • Met via bus journey to Udaipur
  • Akshu loved lakes, Abhi is doctor who has no time to enjoy


  • Met via parents for arranged marriage
  • Shiva- loved at first sight, Raavi-hated Shiva’s personality


  • Met on Rudrakash concert
  • Preesha hates loud music and is bad singer, Rudra is famous rockstar



Rudra- Anuj parents friends with his

Shiva– college BFF also bad boy who loves getting into fights

Akshu- Anuj’s parents bought an expensive necklace from her parents’ Jewellery Brand


Abhi- In the same class training to be a doctor

Preesha– Same as Abhi, BFF

Raavi- Smart and traditional kid

BFF highlighted in bold

Can’t give away too much. Follow episodes to find out more!

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