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We are together forever-one shot..
It is a rock concert…everyone is cheering and enjoying it by shouting Abhi..Abhi..abhi comes there…at the end of the performce he removes his jacket and throws it to the audience…after his performance he kisses his locket..seems that’s his lucky one..he gets back to his vanity van..he sits there tired…he closes his eyes and says hmmm…ur massage is like a magical spell..every time i’m getting refreshed after this..after a while..abhi is abut to leave home..he bumps up with the reporters in the venue..they are clicking photos of abhi..

the reporters are asking several questions…abhi is answering it..one such reporter asks sir..everytime when you start and you end you used to kiss ur locket..is that your lucky one???..abhi chuckles..one personal question..even your fans wanna know..when you are going to get married???..he says..i’m married already..the reporters are confused asks sir..but..abhi left that place..abhi is travelling in the car..he looks at his locket in which it was written “My rockstar”with a heart pendant..he opens the chamber and he sees pragya’s pic there and kisses it..

he opens the window of the car and feels the fresh breeze..it has been nearly 2 yrs..you have become more closer to me..he closes his eyes and goes to flashback..here abhi is rising star who has no one in his life except pragya and her mom..for pragya only him and her mom is the whole world..they both met each other in the college and fallen for each other..abhi’s ambition is to become a rock singer..when pragya’s mom comes to know abut their relationship,she was angry at pragya..later she realized that abhigya are incomplete without each other..abhi promised to sarla maa that they both will get only married when he becomes something..he gets his own recognition…abhi initially struggled lot to achieve his dream..later he gets some opportunities and growing now…one such day..he signed for a small project..abhigya are celebrating it in abhi’s house..abhi is doing something in the kitchen..

abhi says pragya what r you doing??I can’t wait..i’m hungry..i’m gonna order something outside..pragya comes there hurriedly and say can’t you wait??i’m making something SPL for you..sabar ka phal meetha hota hain..abhi murmurs but your…cooking will always be bitter…pragya in anger tone what did you say??..abhi says nothing..I was praising abut your culinary skills..pragya closes abhi’s eyes and takes him to the kitchen..she asks abhi to keep his eyes closed..she takes out the cake utterring here comes pragya the great chef’s invention….from oven it was burnt..abhi smells it and opens his eyes and laughs out loudd…pragya got angry by it and leaves from there..abhi goes to pragya closes her eyes..pragya says I wanted to make this day SPL for you..I wanted to cook something for you..but I went wrong…i’m already sad and you made me more dissapointed by laughing at it,.he makes pragya satnd ..pragya asks abhi..where r you taking me??..he opens her eyes..he decorated the same cake with a smilie..he says never mind..how the cake tastes???it was made by you..

so this is always SPL for me…they both cut the cake..abhi feeds it for pragya and pragya for abhi..pragya asks I have one more surprise…abhi with bug eyes asks one more cake…pragya says know..she takes a locket and shows it to abhi..”my rockstar”with a chamber in which pragya’s photo was there…abhi says this is the best gift ever..pragya says ohho..don’t keep it just..she takes the locket and make him wear it..pragya says you are married with me now…later if you see some model or else after becoming rockstar..my locket will tell you that you are married…abhi asks is that so??..they both laughed…abhi opens his arms and pragya cuddles him and says just always feel that i’m with you..I will never leave you and keep loving you..one day..pragya gets a phone that abhi is meet with an accident.,she rushes there…the doctor says he ‘s deprived by his vision..she goes to abhi and abhi hugs her and cries..he looks shattered..

abhi says pragya..everything is over now..I will never become a rock star..i’m failure..pragya wipes his tears and says no..you are not a failure..you are a rockstar and you will be my rockstar forever…both hugs eachother and cries..after a while abhi is sleeping..pragya caresses his hair..abhi suddenly gets up from his sleep..he says pragya,I ‘m afraid of this darkness around me..I ‘m feeling fear..days passed..pragya takes care of abhi and gives moral support to him..she talks to doctor..the doctor said abhi’s vision can be retrieved when someone donates him eyes..pragya and doctor possibly tried for arranging some donor..but they failed..as no one from the family of dead persons are agreeing for eye donation..one day pragya goes to abhi and says that he will get his vision back..abhi got happy..that night abhi is sleeping..pragya is writing a note.pragya starts I know..

when you will get this letter..you will be very angry at me,.that why did I do that???..you will think that I left you..but if you think lyk that..then you are wrong..I didn’t leave you..infact I have become more closer to you..only you can see me now…only you…you will see me on you..I exist in you..you are me..if you wanna die even after reading this letter ..then you are not killing yourself..you are killing me inside you…I always want you to be happy and I want to see you reach the peak of success where everyone’s mouth will utter only this Name ..abhi…abhiiiii…when this happens I will see that through you…I will see your success through you…..you are my rockstar..only mine….abhi comes out from flashback…he closes the letter..keeps it towards his chest…abhi enters his house..sarla ma asks beta ji..you rocked really….he goes and hugs sarla maa..she asks him to take rest..the next day..

abhi is in orphanage..he distributes chocolates to all kids..the orphanage manager tells in this 2 yrs you have come here everyday and will spend time with the kids…abhi say yes..but this day is really SPL..today is my pragya’s birthday..I juz wanna bring smile in every kids face on her bday..that’s what she wants from me..a couple who has come there asks for abhi’s autograph by interrupting their conversation..abhi gives them autograph…they looked at it,.it was signed”abhigyan”..they got surprised so this is abhi the rockstar’s real name..abhi smiles and thinks ab toh you are happy ryt..I’m always only your rockstar…I will fall for any other model…

The end…

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