Vidya Balan in Saree looking hot, sexy and glamorous – Other side of beauty!

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Vidya Balan oomph factor in Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan changed her image with her bold and adventurous role in ‘Dirty Picture’. She exposed too much in the film which was the ‘need’ of the story. Her seductive photos in saree created sensation in industry.

In our previous article we checked some of the most glamorous yet decent images of Vidya Balan wearing saree. We saw how Vidya has endorsed saree and made it her style signature by often wearing it in almost all of her public appearances. The 3 yard cloth which was confined to the middle class culture has now gained a recognition in higher society circles- courtesy Vidya Balan. In those images we saw that she has wore saree in such a graceful and decent manner that created her image as a girl next door image.


However at the same time Saree is a very sexy attire . It can excite your senses if wore in appealing style. Partially hiding and partially revealing your feminine assets is a key to look stunningly beautiful yet sexy in saree. Almost all females look beautiful in saree but only few manage to look sexy and appealing in it. Vidya Balan  seems to have mastered this art.


Below is a small collection of sexy images of Vidya Balan in saree where she has tried to expose herself and look extremely sexy – rather provocative!


Probably this is most admired image of Vidya online

Vidya in a green blouse and white petticoat. Probably this is the most appreciated costume Vidya is wore in any of her photoshoots. Search for her image online and this images appears in result for sure.

Vidya never hesitate to do bold scenes if it is a requirement of the story

Vidya always dare to bare most of her skin if it is a requirement of the story. In this very image she is seen provocative your senses in indicative manner in this purple blouse.

Vidya giving sex appeal in red blouse and showing off a cleavage

Vidya is revealing much of her assets in tight red blouse. She is also giving expressions of sex appeal. Indeed this is another side of this talented actress.

Vidya Balan in red hot saree posing to show off her curves

She was taunted as figureless and ‘fat’ by the critics. Did you see the curves Vidya is flaunting off? She is the one who has wore saree to show off her appealing side. And yes…she is curvy and has one of the best figures in industry!

Vidya balan tight green blouse showing off cleavage

er seductive photos in film Dirty Picture were said to be responsible behind the success of the film. However it was not only the costumes but the appealing oomph factor that Vidya brought with her character was the key.

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