Veena Malik caught in a criminal case filed by her live-in partner in Mumbai

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Veena Maliks ex-boyfriend has filed complaint

Veena Maliks ex-boyfriend has filed complaint against her that she has threatened him on phone. Veena has reportedly threatened his mother as well.

Controversy queen Veena Malik has opened a new chapter by reportedly threatening her live-in partner in Mumbai for not interfering in her personal life. A non-cognisable (NC) complaint is filed against her at Aarey police station on Saturday evening. Veena has reportedly threatened a man with whom she was in a live-in relationship for past some time and warned him and his mother that she will file a complaint of rape and molestation against him if he interfered in her married life.

Veena had got married to a Dubai based businessman named Asad Bashir Khan. Name of her live-in partner is Prashant Pratap Singh, a 36 year old businessman based in Mumbai. Prashant had helped Veena in February 2012 when she came to Mumbai in many ways. HE helped her get her documents ready, he gave her mobile phone and place to live. They both stayed in a building named Garden View in Aarey. It is said that they also had marriage plans. Meanwhile Prashant bore all the financial expenses of Veena. However Veena betrayed him by suddenly moving to Dubai and getting married to someone else. That was shocking news for Pratap.

When he called her she refused to talk to him and threatened him not to interfere in her personal life. She also warned him that she will file a complaint of rape and molestation against him if he does so. Veena also called his mother and threatened her as well.

When asked about the incident Veena Malik said that this is a fabricated case against her. In fact she clarified that Pratap is not her live-in partner but her employee who worked for her at Rs. 10,000 monthly compensation. Veena insisted that she is too busy with her new family and new life that it is difficult for her to threaten anybody.

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