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Pragya’s life was burdened with work. It was her final year, exams only a week away. Her mother had been insisting her to start looking for a guy with her and get married and settles but pragya had other plans. The words that would describe her……..mmmm the most careless yet hardworking girl who loved travelling and adventure. She was the rebellious girl next door.
It was exam day. The sunshine entered pragya’s room and touched her cheeks but pragya wasn’t ready to wake up as she had been studying late last night. Her phone had all most 10 alarms set with intervals of 10 minutes. Pragya after lot of annoyance woke up and her eyes widened in shock. It was  7 30, only 30 minutes before the gates of the examination hall would be shut. She quickly got dressed up got hold of her bag and ran when she received a message on Facebook
A:Hey bunny you’re about to be late.

Pragya who didn’t have time just ran and texted back
P:??? running late talk to u later
Pragya reached the examination hall within time.
A week had pasted. Pragya was done with her papers and now her esult was out. She had passed with flying colours. Now she had to select a university and she choose London specifically as she had her own reason when her mother called her

He looked at his phone and smiled to himself.
” Abhi ” his Dadi called out.
“Coming dadi” he shouted and pocketed his phone and went to her.
( this is happening in two different place between Abhi and dark and pragya and sarla.
” beta please listen to me you need to get married” said Sarla and dadi simultaneously
” ma I do lie someone but he lives abroad , once I meet him the I will marry him.” Said Pragya.” Are u sure.” Said sarla skeptically.” I have been talking to him for two years.” Pragya assured .
” I am waiting for someone.” Said Abhi
” do you like someone” said dadi.
” I will tell at the right moment .” Said Abhi

His phone tinged and he checked . It was her message
P: I am coming to London babe.
A:?? when
P: in two days
A: I am waiting

( so what is their history I’ll tell)
Pragya had been working on her English assignment which was to find a pen pal or e pal. Same was the case with Abhi. They both found each other on the English forum. Having the same objective they became friends and started to work together. They were online buddies.
P: well I just saw your status
A: me too
P: so we both need an e pal
A: so pals I guess
P: ?

They used to type essays and letters to each other. They became more than e- pals, they had become friends.
They  shared everything with each other and whenever either was not feeling good or any emotion they would talk to each other and calm on another down. Once it happened that someone proposed Pragya. What happened
A: hi
A: what happened
P: that idiot proposed me, how dare he
Abhi felt a tinge of jealousy in his heart.
Why did I feel like that he thought
A: so did you accept
P: excuse me do you think I would accept of course not
Abhi took a sigh of relief.
A: poor boy ??
P: you ?

A: I like your heels
P: it’s for hitting you
A: yikes
Without seeing each other both started to feel each other.
One day Pragya was crying badly as her fahter had a heart attack. She was really worried and sad. Abhi was feeling restless as she hadn’t replied even to a single message. Pragya whose phones battery was dead earlier, now charged checked her phone and saw 50 messages from Abhi
P: hey
A: where the hell were you, you know I was so worried
P: I am sorry but my father had a heart attack.
Stupid Abhi he thought

A: I should be the one saying sorry
P: it’s ok
The feeling between them started to increase day by day. Both of them were falling for each other. They were head over heals in love.
One day Abhi decided to confess his love to her
A: can I take you out
P: what how will you
A: leave that to me

P: like a date
A: you could call it that
He wants to take me out she thought
Say yes he said looking at his phone’a screen
P: ok
A: ok in 5 minutes
After five Minutes

P: ?‍?
A: ?
P: thank you
A: ok this is so awkward but I like you I really don’t know what this feeling is but my friend told me it’s love, miss Pragya I am in love with you.
Pragya was astounded after reading the message
Abhi kept on waiting for her reply
P: me too
A: imaginary hug

They even confessed it to each other but still hadn’t met. They had then decided to meet after pragya  came to London.
Ok you shall be thinking hey it’s the 20th century but the fact that they didn’t want this relationship to be based on outer beauty but the inner beauty. They wanted there first meeting to be
Meeting day
Pragya arrived at London airport. A driver received her to her surprise. He told her that Abhi had sent him. He gave her some clothes. And told her to arrive a the xyz  place.

Pragya reached the restaurant and called abhi.

“where are you,” she said

“come inside i am the one with the suit on,” said abhi

“ok bubye,” said pragya

She entered the restaurant and was shocked to see the sight infornt.
All the tables were occupied by men dressed in a suit. Pragya who had never seen him was confused. They had never video chatted as they wanted their relation by hearts not by outside beauty.
She looked around and tried to call him but his phone was unreachable.
Where the hell actually who the hell is he?
“Hey guys who here is abhishek?” She asked innocently.
“Me” said all of them.

Pragya was damn confused but then her mind clicked.
“I will close my eyes and walk and where I stop is there is my Abhi,” she said and started to walk.
A guy there smirked as she walked towards him. He was really happy. Pragya opened her eyes slightly to look around and find him smiling like an idiot. She too smiled.
Abhi wah she is coming towards you. She is so gorgeous. Her eyes, her puffy lips, her innocent face and her curves, GOD!
But to his dismay Pragya walked pass him and opened her eyes for the next man.
“You are my beloved Abhi,” she said by hugging him.
She then whispered into his ear “I know you aren’t Abhi but go with it,” she said and moved back.
“Abhi you are soo hot,” she said and looked at him.
Abhi the real one was burning in jealousy.
“Let’s me kiss you cute cheeks,” she spoke and Abhi couldn’t take it anymore.
“Hey he is not abhishek I am your Abhi,” he spoke with anger.
“And you I hired you but you here are enjoying,” he said while the man scared got up and hid behind Pragya.
“What prof do u have that u are my Abhi,” said Pragya
“What you never asked him? But I do,” he said and quickly took out his phone to show the miss call of Pragya.
He then saw her smirking and gesturing all to leave.
He then realised that she had done this all purposefully.
“Well I had already figured out that it was you but seeing you jealous made me have ,ore fun,” she said by rounding her arms around his neck.
“So you were seeing me burn huh.” He said by grabbing her waist and pulling her close. Pragya just giggled.
“You are mine, only mine,” he said and kissed her forehead.

After that they got married with the acceptance of their parents and lived happily with their daughter Aditi.

One evening on the balcony Pragya was standing alone. Abhi came out after checking in on Aditi.
“Kya hua,” he asked.
“Nothing, I was just thinking about our life,” she said by holding his hands.
” well who knew that love could be unseen eh.” He said
“Who knew,” she said as Abhi embraced her into a soulful hug.
The end

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