Uncertainty looms for Jaswir Kaur’s character in Anupamaa after Co-Star’s tragic demise

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Uncertainty looms for Jaswir Kaur’s character in Anupamaa after Co-Star’s tragic demise

Jaswir Kaur, known for her portrayal of Devika in the popular TV show Anupamaa, has been absent from the screen for some time now. The unfortunate demise of her co-actor, Nitesh Pandey, on May 23, brought her track to a halt, leaving her uncertain about its revival. Jaswir talked about it in a recent interview, fondly recalling shooting with Nitesh. The actress also expressed her eagerness to resume filming, but currently, she has no information about when her character’s storyline will be revisited.

Reflecting on her last appearance on Anupamaa, Jaswir shared, “Exactly three months ago, we shot the sequence where Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) leaves the Kapadia house and heads to Mumbai. In that track, they had introduced the idea of Nitesh’s character and mine planning to get married. However, with Nitesh’s unfortunate passing and the emergence of other storylines, my track was put on hold.”

Amid the uncertainty, Jaswir remains unaware of whether Nitesh’s character will be replaced and trusts that the production team has a plan in place. She remains hopeful that her character, Devika, will make a comeback as she plays a crucial role in the show’s narrative.

Recalling her time working alongside Nitesh Pandey, Jaswir expressed admiration for the senior and talented actor. Collaborating with him was a blessing and a valuable learning experience for her.

As the current storyline in Anupamaa unfolds, the focus centers on Anupama’s return to the Kapadia house with her daughter Choti, choosing not to take the flight to the US. This development leaves Anuj and other family members in shock, setting the stage for new twists and turns in the show’s narrative.

While Jaswir Kaur awaits news of her character’s revival, the show continues to captivate audiences with its gripping plot and remarkable performances from the cast.





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