UGLY FIGHT! Anushka Sharma is Pissed Off With Manish Malhotra; Didn’t Choose Him For Her Bridal Wear

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That Sabyasachi designed all the outfits for Anushka Sharma’s wedding is not a news! What really shocked many that Anushka did not choose Manish Malhotra for her wedding outfit.

Manish Malhotra is famous for creating beautiful outfits for the brides and he is the favourite of many Bollywood divas. But a cold war is brewing between Manish and Anushka. Read all the inside details below.

Bollywood Is Talking About Anushka & Manish's Fight

Bollywood Is Talking About Anushka & Manish’s Fight

According to famous jornalist Subhash K Jha (Deccan Chronicle), ”The industry is abuzz with an all-out sartorial war between designer Manish Malhotra and the newly married Anushka Sharma.”

Anushka Didn't Wear His Creations

Anushka Didn’t Wear His Creations

”The designer was conspicuous by his absence at the actress’recent wedding reception in Mumbai. He’s also designed a number of outfits for Anushka in the past. However, the actress wore none of his creations at any of her wedding ceremonies.”

But Why?

But Why?

”So, what exactly happened between them? A source says that the feud goes back to the time of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.”

Anushka's Tweet Had Made Manish Upset

Anushka’s Tweet Had Made Manish Upset

”Anushka had reportedly left the designer fuming when she said she didn’t like her bridal lehenga in the film. She even tweeted around the release, “Lehenga was too heavy. I was looking like a beautiful bride, and not feeling like a beautiful bride.”

It Was Not Personal But...

It Was Not Personal But…

”That didn’t go down well with Manish, who replied saying she looked beautiful. “But Anushka decided that she wouldn’t wear any of his outfits for her wedding. It was nothing personal. But Manish has taken it otherwise,” a source close to the designer says.

Manish Fumed

Manish Fumed

”Anushka chose to favour Sabyasachi’s elegant designs throughout her wedding ceremonies and receptions, while Manish fumed. The source adds, “It’s ironic that everyone from Sridevi to Prer-naa Arora wore Manish Malhotra’s creations at the reception, but not the bride.”

Karan Johar Got Caught Between This Battle

Karan Johar Got Caught Between This Battle

”Karan, as it turns out, is feeling the heat of the war. Says a little birdie close to Karan, “He is close to Anushka, and closer to Manish, who designs most outfits for Dharma Productions.”

Anushka & Manish Are Not Ready For A Patch Up

Anushka & Manish Are Not Ready For A Patch Up

”The Anushka-Manish cold war has made Karan very uncomfortable. He’s made several attempts to sort out their problems. But at the moment, neither Anushka nor Manish is willing to make the first move.”

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 13:36 [IST]

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