U R My Sunshine In Day & My Moon In Night (Kkb-Few shots) (shot 1)

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U R My Sunshine In Day & My Moon in night(kkb)few shots.. (shot 1)
Hiiiiii my dear sweet sisieees & frnds..this is Nivethaa… I’m back with another few shots!! & this story is also just to entertain u.. u gave me the support to write that story.. likewise I want ur support in this story too… & I hope u’l like it.. tell me wat u feel about this story after u read the first shot!…
Prag’s POV:
BG song(female voice):
Mudhal naal indru, yethuvo ondru
Vaeraaga unnai maatrellam
Angangu anal etralaam

Yen, ullam paadu kindrethu
Yaar solli katru kondthathu
Nill yendral, satendru, nirkaathamaa
Naan yenna sonalum kaetkaathamaa
Oho, Johnny john..

It’s first day of my college!! I’m joined in 2nd year m.com in this reputed xyz college of arts!!.. because of my pa’s transfer to this city I also got my tc from that college.. my ma & pa never leave me from their vision.. such a lovely ma & pa.. I love them a lot.. now.. I’m here.. I have to search for the commerce block in this college.. I asked a person & reached the class on time.. nooo… 10 mins late.. uff.. ”may I come in sir?” I asked the professor while breathing heavily.. “ya ! u can..what u want?” he asked.. “I’m pragya.. pragya arora..” I said..”ho.. the new comer??..”he asked.. “yes sir..” I said with a smile..”no need to smile this much.. u r already 10 mins late for class.. this is ur 1st & last warning.. from tomorrow onwards be on time in my class..” he said with a stern tone..”okkkay sir” I said stressing the word okay..”now, get in ” he said.. I searched for a seat..mostly all the seats were filled.. 3 can sit in a bench.. & my eyes popped out when I look at a guy at the last bench..he is studying..then I found a place in last but one bench.. the 2 girls smiled at me.. I smiled & sat there.. the professor started to take class!! Uufff!! Wat is this!! Today is the first day for me!! But , he is taking this much portion in 1 day!! How can I cope up with all these! More over this Korean gorilla showing too much of attitude.. I have to come in time for his boring class!! Such a big punishment in my life!! God!! Help me from this lecture!! I will donate my back bench guy’s hair by shaving his head only for u.. !! after 30 mins.. the lecture got over!!”how u all bear his lecture.. wat’s wrong with him.. Is he coming from any zoo or forest!! he is like a korean gorilla!!” I said with an annoyed face.. the girls & 2 boys from the back bench started to laugh as if I said a joke.. “wait!

Why are you laughing like idiots? Am I looks like a joker to you?” I asked them.. “first take breath & speak dear..” said the girl near to me… “I’m always like this only..tell me what is his name??” I asked while looking at them..” he is suresh srivasanth.. our faculty advisor..& taking statistics for us..” the girl at the corner told me..” leave him yaar..i’m not asking about that double battery.. I’m asking about the one who sits just back to u ” I asked pointing to the girl next to me.. “why are you asking about him but not us?” the guy just sat back to me asked..” because u all r looking at me.. & that idiot not even looked at me once from I entered into the class….he is engrossed in his so called book.. that’s why I’m asking.. ” I said.. “brilliant madam.. by the way.. he is abhi.. abhisheik prem mehra.. he is always like this.. but our close buddy..”the girl next to me said.. “okay, I’m not interested in who is not even look at me..say me about u guys” I said but my mind says.. how dare he is .. not a single look to this pragya..I will see him later.. “I’m bulbul” the girl sits next to me said.. “I’m tanu” the other girl said.. “I’m nikil” the boy sits back to me said.. (the one who is going to victim for all my prayers 😉 “I’m purab..” the boy sits back to tanu said..

BG song:
June July Madham Pookum Poovadhan Paer Enna Poo
Nedunjaalai Oram Pookum Poovadhu Ada Adhudhan Nam Natpu
Nenjodu Pookum Nyabaga Poovadhan Paer Enna Poo

Boomiyil Ulla Poovellam Oru Naalilae Mannil Udhirum Poo
Vaazhkaiyil Nam Vaazhkaiyil Endrum Pookumae Adhudhan Natpu

Me: okay guys..is this leisure period or any other alien will come?..
Bulbul: no ya.. this is leisure period only”
Me: okay mickey mouse..
Bulbul: mickey mouse??
Me: ya, I call my close ones by using some nick names.. any prbs?
Purab: close ones.. from when?(with a confused look at bulbul..) Me: from…. Hmm.. from now..& till forever.. what say??. will u guys ready to travel in my roller coaster life?”
Purab: I think u are to fast pragya.., u have to know something about us na?..” ( with a serious tone.)
Me:why .. u people gonna eat me up?..
Purab: no.. no..
Me: then is there any syllabus for ur friendship that I have to complete for missing the past 1 year?..
Purab: what??
Me: u r telling me like that only..
Purab: hey .. I said that because if we guys are not good means u will get into some trouble na..(with a concern..)
Me: u r ryt purab.. but, I wil hear my heart!! It won’t cheat me na? my heart tells me that this people r close to u.. so only I’m asking for ur frndship.. &I know we will b gud frnds!! & I’l follow ur advice when I meet some others who is not related to me.. is it okay for u my advisor?
He stared & then smiled at me while nodded his head up & down..
Me: okay guys .. shall we go to canteen to celebrate my first day in our gang?(I asked with a wink..)
Chorus: ya… we can..(except that idiot abhisheik..)
Me: okay let’s go.. & the sponsor is nikkil.. (I said with a wink at him..)
Nikil: hey.. it’s ur treat.. so, u hav to sponsor ya.. (said with a pout)
Me: hmm.. I know that..& if I sponsor.. u will eat up all the things& I hav to beg somebody to pay ur bill.. that’s y I’m telling..
Bulbul: how u know that he is a food lover..
Me: that’s not a magic mickey.. look at his tummy.. a child can say he is a food lover..
Nikil: r u teasing me.. ?(looks at tanu..)help me tanu from this girl..
Me: Is there any doubt whether I’m teasing u or not?.. & I got one more thing to tease u.. if u not sponsor this treat I will tease u by that… what say?..
Nikil: & wat is that? Shall I know??
Me(went near his ear): tanu is ur..
Nikil: okay.. okay I will sponsor for the treat..
He said in a loud voice with little bit fear..
Me(with a winner pride):ya .. that’s better pluto(poppye the sailor man villan)
He give me a glare..
Tanu: what u said to him.. he readily accepted to sponsor?
Me: that’s secret.. but, I will tell u later..
Nikil: no.. please.. I can do anything for u.. it’s between u & me..( said pleadingly..)
Tanu glared at him once he completed his sentence..
Me: okay come guys..

Throughout this argument that idiot abhisheik was studying as if he have his university exam tomorrow.. I mentally cursing me for looking at him oftenly.. but I couldn’t resist myself to glare at him..
We six went to canteen & eat whatever we want with some chit chats about them.. they said they are school frnds but due to some situations they parted apart & did their U.G in different colleges but same stream..& then joined P.G. in same college.. I can feel their friendship.. they are very close to each other.. & I can guess that nikil loves tanu..& tanu loves nikil..but they are not yet confessed.. purab & bulbul .. opposite poles& I can say they already attracted to each other.. I feel like .. i know them for years.. they comforted me like that.. they didn’t avoid me.. they started to care for me in my first day itself.. I feel blessed to get them.. & I don’t know y I feel more close to this people.. by this thoughts I eaten up my bajji & took another bajji & started to eat.. all started to laugh at me..

Me: why are u all laughing .. ? say me… I’l also join u na??…
Nikil: if u ask one more bajji.. I’l sponsor u.. y u took bajji from his plate that too he ate half of that..(he said while laughing)
Me(noticing that bajji& then bajji’s owner.. oops.. he is that book worm abhisheik.. sure he is going to kill me..)I’m sorry.. I didn’t saw that.. (said with a sheepish smile..).. I will order u one more bajji..
Abhisheik: no, I want my bajji only.. give me & don’t make me angry..
Me:Ooh god.. he knows how to speak.. I thought he won’t speak with me.. I’m happy that this bajji makes him to speak..
Abhisheik: don’t talk too much.. give my bajji..
All r laughing at us..
Purab: abhi, don’t behave like child .. leave it yaar..
Abhisheik: I won’t.. I want my bajji now..
Purab: she tasted it bhai..
Me: that’s y he is asking purab.. u know he likes to taste my bajji.. isn’t it padipist(the one who always used to study..)
Abhisheik: like really?.. u found that way?.. but, I’m not asking for that.. my bajji is only for me.. got it Ms. …. Ms..
Me: pragya..
Abhisheik: ya.. that one..& u r the 1 who take my tasted bajji..
Me: u tasted it na?.. that’s y the taste of bajji is bitter like u bookist..
Abhisheik: hey u r giving so much of names to me.. stop that ms..
Me: pragya..
Abhisheik: ha that one..
Me: u r not able to memorize this simple name.. u idiot..
Abhisheik: I don’t want to know or memorize ur name.. got it..
Me: & I’m also not interested in u or ur poor bajji.. take it..
I gave him with a glare..he took it & went from there.. each time I’m saying that I’m not interested in him.. but, I want to know about him.. is that coming under I’m interested in him category.. no way pragya.. he is a padipist.. u r an average no no.. below average student in studies.. u r not interested in studying & the people who used to study.. mind it.. so that u can move on from that bookist idiot abhisheik.. but, pragya.. that bajji, he tasted it was really tasted good than the one u ate before.. some thing is there in him… that’s y I want to hear my name from his mouth.. but ‘he’ the king of ego didn’t utter my name.. whatever may be I’ll see him…
Nikil paid the bill& came.. we marched to class room.. tanu,bulbul,purab going front… & me & nikil at back.. while walking..

Me: I want to say that.. tanu is ur..
Nikil: how do u know that I love tanu?
Me:what.. u love tanu? ?(in a confused & mocking tone)
Nikil: what ? u didn’t knew that?.. but u said that time tanu na?
Me:I want to say that tanu is ur supporter.. ur savior.. but I won’t afraid of her..
Nikil: then y u stopped at mid sentence… like tanu is ur…
Me: arrey.. u r the one who stopped me from telling that ur supporter.. u cut my sentence& filled whatever u want.. tat’s not my fault na?
Nikil: so, I blabbered everything.. my goodtime.. I didn’t told u that I didn’t proposed her till now.. if I told u that .. u will blackmail me with that as u will tell her like that..
Me: now u blabbered a lot foody noody…
Nikil: oops.. my mouth is my saithan..(demon)
Me: is there any doubt in that?.. u r opening ur mouth only to eat foody noody.. not at all opening ur mouth to tanu.. isn’t it?
Nikil: wat can I do… I can’t tell wat I feel for her whenever she is near to me..
Me: then call her or msg her.. don’t be late in this matter..
Nikil: god.. the one who comes late to class saying don’t be late.. it’s all my fate to hear it from u..
Me: foody noddy.. I decided.. u r the one who pay bill wenever we go canteen or any other outings.. if u not obey my words.. mark it .. I’ll tell tanu about u…
Nikil: no..no.. no..I’m sry.. but, this is too much..
Me:it’s okay..
We reached class & the other classes went smoothly.. & I didn’t forget to stole glance at that tally guy.. abhisheik..

BG song:
Yaar Avano Avano Yaar Avano Avano
Yaar Avano Avano Avano..
Enna Maranthen Etharku Maranthen
Ennai Ketene..
Unnai Ninaikka Ennai Maranthen
Elaam Maranthene..
En Perai Maranthen
En Oorai Maranthen
En Thozhilgalai Maranthen
En Nadai Marantheney
En Odai Maranthen
En Ninaivinai Maranthen
Anthi Maalai Kovil Maranthen

after I reached home I informed my ma “I came ma&give me my sweet cinnamon coffee..” I ran into my room& open my cupboard to see my paintings.. ya ! I’m interested in drawing .. but, studying the books became boring.. I don’t know how I started to avoid books … but, now.. I’m not interested in that.. there my paintings… I love to draw great peoples like freedom fighters, impressive personalities like a.b.j. kalam sir, Lincoln.. nepoleon, & some others… I have my recent 1 year drawings… I don’t know y.. I start to draw a personality ,..whoever that may be.. I ended up in some unknown person’s face in that..& it is the same for all personalities.. now, I shocked to see that unknown person came into my life.. god… that’s the bookist abhisheik..
BG song:
Katta pomman uruvam pola ..
Unnai varainthu maraithey vaithen..
Dhesa pattru oviyam endru ..
Veetu suvatril appa maatta!!

if I start to draw kalam sir.. I draw outline of his head & drawing abhisheik’s eyes,nose , mouth & ears.. like this I painted v.o chidabaram ‘s head line & ended up in abhisheik’s face.., Nehru, vallabhai patel, subash Chandra bose , & gandhiji also..(just imagine …!!! ) & I had draw many poses of abhisheik without my knowledge… in some of my drawing he is smiling cute.. in some paintings he made faces but looks cute.. wat’s happening to me.. it’s all real or am I dreaming that my imaginary person came into my life..? I don’t know.. wat’s this happening around me… I don’t know wat is the connection between me & him..I started to think about him a lot…
Days passed like this & I started to play with my friends a lot… I enjoyed each & every moments with them.. I didn’t missed my old P.G mates.. I don’t know why.. but I feel like I joined in my bird sanctuary.. my mates.. we are the most disobedient students in our class.. & always my professors used to remind my name in a stern tone… pragya.. don’t talk.. pragya arora don’t make noise.. pragya keep quiet or go out.. this are the mantras they used to chant wenever I’m busy in my talking with my guys.. after 2 to 3 months I know about all my 5 buddies.. oops.. 4 buddies.. still that abhisheik is a question mark to me.. I know that.. he is my problem..& I know that he is the solution to my problem…
The distance between abhisheik & me is same like that.. we used to fight for silly things..
I used to hide my buddies fav things .. but they couldn’t find who hide that..
“My action: some time I took nikkil’s tiffen box & hide in bulbul’s bag..”
Nikil(in break): arrey yaar.. where it’s gone?
Nikil:my tiffen box..

Bulbul: u have forget it in ur home itself..
Nikil: urrrgg.. no .. I brought it here.. I know..
Purab: come on bulbul.. how could nikil forget his tiffen box.. if it happens then I’m sure it’s 8th world wonder..
Nikil: shut up & get lost.. I lost my fav dish.. u r mocking at me like this..
Me: hey guys search ur bags for him na..
Nikil: u r supporting me…? (his eyes popped out..) something is wrong..
Me: hey u r foody noddy na.. I know how much u love food than ur lady love.. that’s y I’m supporting u..
Tanu: what.. lady love?..
Nikil:nothing.. like pragya said all show me ur bag..
Bulbul: uff..What a childish behavior.. look.. here it’s not there na.. & here it’s not.. (she took his tiffen box) oops..
Nikkil: how dare.. u took my tiffen box..(looks at purab) purab.. wat’s this yar.. u didn’t bring her such tasty food?..

Bulbul: look nikil .. i didn’t took it.. & y r u asking purab..
Nikil: because he is ur lover na?. that’s y..
bulbul (with a slight blush):who said that I’m his love?
Purab with a pout gave a signal to nikil not to tell bulbul.. but, that blabbering idiot didn’t catch his point..
Nikil: that idiot only.. he is not at all leave me to sleep in nights..
Tanu: what?..(with a confused tone)
Nikil: I mean to say he calling me & saying about bulbul& disturbing my sleep..
Tanu: so, u r sleeping in all nights ??(she asked with an expecting tone)
Nikil: wo.. wo.. i.. sleep.. in nights..
Me: nights are meant to sleep na tanu?..
Tanu: ya.. but, how can he sleep.. when I’m unable to sleep because of his thoughts..
Nikil: what did u say?.
Tanu:oops.. what.. what .. I said.. I said nothing..
They are aruguing over this.. while other 2 (purab & bulbul) went to their dream land.. oh god.. I’m the one left alone.. & here 1 creature is there.. I couldn’t name that creature.. because now also he is studying like nothing happening in his surroundings(yaarumey illaatha kadaiku yaaruku daa tea aathra??)& I went to my dreamland with that padipist.. there also he is studying..
Some other day:
“my action: took purab’s mobile & put it in tanu’s bag:

Purab: hey this is not tiffen box.. give my mob who took that…
Abhisheik: ya purab: this not tiffen box.. but soap box? (soapu dabba..) isn’t it?..
Purab: u r coming for mocking at me only..
Abhisheik: no yaar.. I’l mock at ur lady love too.. u want a demo?.
Purab :no need of anything.. I know about u.. u will get me divorce without marrying her..
Me: how is that even possible purab.. ? I want to know.. how.. let him do that na..
Purab: here.. for the first time u r supporting abhi.. what’s wrong with u pragya?..
Me(I gave him a glare): wat’s wrong I just want to know about divorce without wedding..(with a pout..)
Purab: then ask him by using tanu & nikil.. not me & bulbul..
Me: so, u & bulbul.. & tanu & nikil… hmm.. what’s al secret remaining here… anybody loves somebody here?..
Bulbul: you can ask abhi straightly na?.. why r u afraid of him?..
Me: who said I’m afraid of him.. I’m asking now.. hey padipist..
Then only I noticed he went some other place.. what he is thinking of himself.. he is such a… such a mango head(manga manda!!) but I like him..
”Some other day:
“My action: i took tanu’s makeup items like lipstick or eyeliner & hide it in my bag..”
Tanu: uff.. any body saw my lipstick?..
Purab:y r u asking us?
Tanu: this is not the first time purab u know..this Is third time my lipstick is missing like this..
Me: hey 1 time I found it in my bag & gave it to u na.. ..?(no 1 should doubt me na.. that’s y I hide it in my bag 😉 )

Tanu: but, next time I didn’t got it.. & now I brought my new one.. who is that idiot took my lipstick.. for him I’m sure he is not going to get married.. this is my curse who has my old lipstick now..
Nikil: hey why are cursing him this much.. he must keep it as ur memory..
Me(with a witty smile): y u care for that person?(I’m the 1 who put her lipstick in his bag the second time..  )
Nikil: who cares.. I don’t .. if she curse him, she too will suffer for that.. for every action there is equal & opposite reaction tanu..
Tanu:what u mean nikil?
Nikil:I … i.. don’t mean anything tanu.. don’t curse like this .. he will feel bad na..
Tanu: whatever.. now I want my lipstick..all search ur bags.. come on.. come on..
We all searched for it.. I only know that the lipstick is in abhisheik’s bag.. we all said no tanu..
Tanu: all searched ur bag ah,..? abhi.. did u searched?
Abhisheik: no tanu.. it won’t be there.. I didn’t take it..
Tanu: I know abhi, that is my other frnd’s gift.. so, please search for me once na..
Abhisheik:y can’t u understand me.. I don’t need that..
Bulbul: u study abhi.. I’l check ur bag to satisfy her..
Abhisheik: y.. no need for that..
Bulbul: come on abhi.. give it..
My mickey is a good girl I thought.. I want to tease him by saying “u r applying makeup like girls padipist.. it’s not good..” bulbul searched for it & found nothing.. uff.. how is it possible.. I’m the one who put that lipstick in his bag.. then how it gone??… I think this padipist is really an intelligent guy..!!

Days passed like this.. & first sem got over.. for exams we studied together.. group study..(u guys would know about group studies in hostel or frnd’s home .. ) we start to study & anyone come up with any interesting gossip& we ended up in arguing over that.. mostly the topics are lame ones.. but at time of exams that is more interested than reading that boring books.. abhisheik is the one who handle us ..& guide to learn something.. purab & nikil too co-operate with him easily.. but, we girls, always try to chat & earn glare from our respective partners(my partner…!! No doubt… it’s that padipist abhisheik only.. wat can I do.. there is no other way to go..) that 2 couples sometimes studying & most of the time romancing, chating,lost in eachothers eyes.. but, my fate.. I have to look into my book.. abhisheik’s book.. then my book , then abhisheik’s book.. he is not at all glacing me once.. wat a man he is.. he also look at them sometimes.. & flying to his own world.. but I can’t understand.. whether he is studying or dreaming.. god, please give me the understanding power to understand this abhisheik mehra.. if u give me that power I’l shave nikil’s head for sure.. I remember this is 8th time I’m praying like this.. I’l shave his head for 8 time for sure.. don’t worry.. I prayed to my god & looked at nikkil.. he is studying … then I looked at purab bulbul.. they are romancing.. god, this time I will offer purab’s head shave for u.. not nikkil.. 7 is enough for him.. this purab is over romancing eventhough he know that I could not romance with this idiot abhisheik.. all of them knows that I’m interested in him.. but this idiot is not even look at me..exam days passed… we successfully completed our semester.. & that sem leave was my hell.. I couldn’t forget that idiot padipist for a second.. I didn’t know.. I will miss him this much..

BG song:
Unna Ippo Paakkanum Onnu Pesanum..
Enna Kotti Theekanum Anba Kaatanum
Uravae..Manam Thembuthae
Usurae..Thara Yenguthae
Nee Engayum Pogatha Naan Varaen Vaadaatha
Unna Ippo Paakkanum Onnu Pesanum..
Enna Kotti Theekanum Anba Kaatanum
Ma,pa& me went to holiday tour .. but my heart is filled with his thoughts… I want to see him.. I want to ask him whether he miss me like I miss him.. I want to spent time with him.. I want him now & forever with me.. I don’t know what he is doing to me.. I don’t know wat is going between us..

okay guys.. now tell me.. shall I continue it?.. do u guys like it?.. wat’s the connection between abhi & pragya?..!! I will tell u in next shots!! Keep smiling!!&keep supporting dears!!
forgive me for my mistakes dears!!!

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