Twist in the tale… Part 5

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“So Abhi…what did you talk?” Purab asked trying to grab his mobile.
“To whom?” Nikhil wondered.
“Oh, you don’t know right?” Purab asked Nikhil who shook his head in a no.

Purab saw Abhi…he was begging him not to tell. But Purab stuck his tongue out and told everything to Nikhil.

Nikhil didn’t know what to answer. From Abhi’s activities, all he could do was to conclude that Abhi is in love! But that would be so contradicting to his practical theory. According to what Purab said, it is surely a love at first sight…but Romba idikkudhe!!! Nikhil was confused.

“So this is love at first sight” he asked Abhi.

Abhi didn’t know what to answer. He was struggling for words.
“No-No…it is not Love. It is just…hmm…attraction. How to explain…?” Abhi fumbled.

Purab noticed Abhi’s difficulty. For the first time, he is seeing his always-right friend trying to justify himself. Purab wanted to help him.
“No Nikhil. It’s not like that. It’s just that Abhi found her good and wanted to have friendship with her. It’s not the way you think” Purab told and signalled Nikhil to be quiet.

Nikhil nodded and they started chatting random things. But Abhi was still lost in thoughts.

“Why do you guys have a very wrong idea of love?” he shouted suddenly. Purab and Nikhil were wondering on what to tell. They had started chatting random things…they didn’t know that Abhi was still thinking of it.
“Abhi, leave it naa”

“NO… Wait. How do you guys define love? I simply got attracted to Pragya and why do you both always contradict me in my opinions… in such things”

Purab stared Abhi for sometime. finally he understoood that it is the time to make Abhi understand.

“It is because we have different thoughts” Purab spoke… “Even now, you wanted to know what we define on love… don’t you understand that love itself has no definition? Why do you always want to understand things? There are certain things that are better left to be unknown. In the same way, there are certain things that are to be felt and not understood. Even if you don’t understand it, it is fine… learn to enjoy it. Have you ever thought of what feeling you have towards your mother? No, because you know you love her. Then why is that you think if it is between a boy and girl, it is different? Everything’s same. But, what do you think makes it different? Do you think you can characterise it?”

Abhi was silent. ‘What is happening here?’ he couldn’t comprehend. Does this all mean that he was wrong till this time? Does this mean he tried to satisfy himself giving a silly explanation? Or is this what they call love? Abhi wanted to think. He wanted to be alone. He simply got up and walked off, excusing himself.

“What happened to Abhi?” Nikhil asked Purab.
“It’s all for good Nikhil. For the first time, he is finding his heart contradict his mind. He understands that something is happening to him but just cannot figure it out coz his mind is not letting him to”
“We should help him Purab” Nikhil tells while Purab nods.

This side, Abhi is sitting alone near the basketball court. What is happening to me? He thinks to himself. Is this what they call love? But how can it be? It should take time. We should know, understand, and feel each other… he was trying to be practical again.
Purab and Nikhil came there.

“I know something is bothering you. Tell us” Nikhil asked him.
After a moment of silence, Abhi told them.

“Stop your ego from controlling you Abhi. It is not wrong to accept the right. Sometimes, we may be wrong and it’s not a big fault” Purab explained.
“It’s not like that. I have been following my own set of rules and they were all right. Like…you tell me to ignore them just like that and convince myself?”
“We are not telling you to convince yourself… all your thoughts were right… but not the ones in this. Understand… heart does not go wherever man goes. All this time, it was silent listening to your mind…but now it defends itself and its wishes. You cannot ignore your heart, can you?” Nikhil tried this time.
“Leave me alone guys” Abhi got up and left.
“We can only tell you Abhi. Understanding is your part” Nikhil told. Purab was in thoughts.

So guys, here I end the epi. I know this was a boring episode. Will make the next one better… and, I am happy for the likes… but do drop in a comment… coz its only your comments that boosts the writers up (ok, i agree… me rather a scribbler) so even if it’s a word or two, do comment.Also, I think you all guessed what will happen next. I have my own idea… but I am open to views. You can give me your thoughts. Do comment.

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