Tujhse Hai Raabta: Atharv tries to fill Kalyani’s maang

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News Tujhse Hai Raabta: Atharv tries to fill Kalyani’s maang

MUMBAI: The episode starts with the guest lady telling Aao Saheb that she is seeing these arrangements for the first time. Aao Saheb says it was Kalyani’s wish, Atharv made the arrangements following all customs and bent down in front of Kalyani’s stubbornness. Guest lady asks if Malhar has no objection with the marriage. Aao Saheb says it was not marriage, Malhar acted with her. Atul is happy for Kalyani’s marriage and tells Sarthak that he will not be upset today and says I hope Malhar don’t do anything wrong. Sarthak says Malhar is not at home, he left early morning. Some ladies come there. Aao Saheb tells that Kalyani wants to play sindoor khel with the ladies and says Pandit ji says it is auspicious if they stay here. She thinks what Kalyani thought that she can elope with their help and thinks the game will be hers. Sarthak sees the veiled ladies asking someone (Anupriya) to stand carefully. The guest lady asks about Kalyani. Kalyani comes there and thinks of Malhar’s words. Atul compliments his daughter and asks her to do Mata darshan.

Sampada tells Kalyani that

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